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  1. The bad flavor makes sense once the sugar goes away with the brown sugar. If I were to try table sugar or honey, how much of either of those would you recommend in a 3 gallon batch? I currently dont have booster packs. Just household stuff with no brewing stores in my area.
  2. Awesome info. I am on Amazon looking at booster packs now!
  3. Hello all, I'm on my 5th brew. This far I have just used the stock extract cans and followed the instructions. I have an additional extract refill can that I haven't used yet. It's the Aztec Mexican beer. with this one, I wanted to try and add a couple twists. I wanted to boost the ABV just a touch. I know, chase the flavor, so I was thinking of using brown sugar or honey. If I were to use brown sugar to boost ABV and make sure it's still only 2% of an increase, how much would you recommend adding to a standard 3 gallon batch? second question, I saw a couple YouTube videos of people cooking down some fruit and putting it in a cheese cloth during fermentation. If I were not to use the added sugar, I was going to try and get some lemon or lime into it. But with added sweetness from the brown sugar, I am thinking of maybe a mango or something less tart to compliment the sugar. does anyone have advice from tweaking the Aztec kit or something similar? Long story short, I'm looking to play with boosting the ABV and added some citrus flavor. thoughts or suggestions appreciated
  4. I gave them a squeeze, they are not firm at all. They are however in the fridge. So I will take them out now
  5. I dropped carbonation pills (1 in each 16 oz bottle) about 5 days ago. As of yesterday, there was not a lot of bubbly going on. I could see a residue left at the bottom of the bottle from the sugar, but it seems like the carbonation hasn't really reacted yet
  6. Sounds like a plan. I will start there and see what they are like in a few days
  7. Yes. That is correct. The finished product has been stored at room temp in a dark closet. I will get them cold for a few days and then see what happens.
  8. Nice. I will do that. On on a side note, they seem on the flatter side. What effects would take place if I were to add another carbonation pellet to each bottle and let them chill for a bit? P.S. this kind of occurred even with the initial batch. I felt like the carbonation was very limited. I just followed the recipe and dropped in the pellets accordingly. Any advice on that?
  9. So, about 8 months ago, last winter I brewed the Diablo IPA. I used the stock brown plastic bottles and dropped carbonation pellets into each. I enjoyed 8 out of the 12 of them out of the fridge in the following weeks. I just broke out my equipment to brew a new batch and found 4 brown bottles, full that I forgot that I put in the box. They have been sitting in a cool, dry closet in the dark for about 8 months. Without being refrigerated that whole time frame, do you Guys think they are still okay to enjoy. I opened one and smelled it. It smelled fantastic. Was this his an epic fail, or possible genius move? Please advise
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