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  1. Thanks for the advice! I must have added a bit more coffee at bottling to a 740ml bottle I opened a few nights back. SO good!
  2. The real winner, as far as I’m concerned, at a recent beer tasting, was Java Stout by Santa Fe Brewing. Awesome beer and relatively high ABV. How can I make something as coffee-good? I added cold deep dark coffee to Double Black Diamond Stout: really good, but a little light on the java. Maybe I was too timid. BTW, this beer has aged 6 months and is SO good. I am learning that patience has great tasting rewards!
  3. To keep from clogging my spigot, could I pour the vodka and orange zest into a hop sack (catching the vodka in a sanitized container and also adding it)? Thanks!
  4. The Oktoberfest is now 7 weeks old...and it is very good! It had a fuller head, but I didn’t get to the camera right away. The carbonation was perfect. It was a treat on Easter! I believe the malt will come forward even more in another month, so I’ll let this one continue to condition. Should go from very good to excellent. Again, many thanks to the fine brewers on this forum! O, I should mention that, while I didn’t have an OG to help me figure out ABV, it must be pretty high: I could definitely feel it after only 12 ounces!
  5. Hi Timelordjason! The Oktoberfest is conditioning. I may wait past March 9 - 4 weeks - to taste. Interesting tidbit: I had a small amount - maybe 6 or 7 ounces left over. I put it in a container with some priming sugar. At three weeks, I put it in the refrigerator for only 36 hours and then took it with me camping. It didn’t carbonate well. The container wasn’t very good. BUT... the taste, while still a tiny bit green, was really good! Now I’m looking forward to that first ‘done’ pour!
  6. My second brew: Irish Stout Deluxe... needed some rescue from a friend to stop fermenting at too high a temp. At 6 weeks, it is very good. I experimented with levels of carbonation. This one was too high for me. However, after letting it sit and warm up a bit, it’s a lot like Guinness Extra Stout.
  7. I am about to start a PPA brew. I checked the archives for instructions. Easy enough. But...in my supplies I also have 3 soft pack LMEs, 1 booster (6.25 oz) ... in addition to the 2 cans, hops and muslin sack. Is this right? I could find no instructions that included the additional items. As always, thank you to the members of this forum. You’ve saved my beer more than once!
  8. Yeah. Impatient. Thanks for the help 😊
  9. Thanks, RickBeer. I’ve been on a slow learning curve re: temp control. Too hot...too cold. The Australian Sparkling Ale fermenting now has been in a room with pretty tight fluctuations...62-65F. High krausen was beautiful to see. Also, I did cold crash the Oktoberfest last night (with the spigot end propped up. Sampled this morning out of curiosity. Lots of green apple taste :-(
  10. Is it time to wait...or cold crash?
  11. Today’s gravity reading: 24 hours after last one ... 1.004? Can that be right?
  12. To youdontknowme311: It would be better if one of the more experienced brewers answered this one. I had kept the LBK in a closet with temps between 58-64. I don’t think the temperature ever reached 65F. Because of that, I wondered if letting it sit just a bit longer at slightly higher temps might help FG. I found that idea in other posts. I’d be interested in others’ take on that.
  13. Thanks! I’ll take one more reading.
  14. I am just beginning to use my hydrometer. I didn’t have it when I brewed this batch of Oktoberfest, so, unfortunately, I don’t know the OG. I tested the wort today - just passed 3 weeks: reading was 1.015. Are we there yet? I fermented pretty cool: 60-64 most of the time. I brought it out at room temperature a couple of days ago to finish: 68-72F. As always, thank you to all who give me such great advice! This forum is wonderful!
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