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  1. I've never fermented In the bottles, I used Just the right amount of sugar..........I talked to the brewer at mrbeer, I explained the problem, he said, I didn't condition long enough before refrigerating, So, the co2 didn't have a chance to disolve cause I only conditioned for 2 week's before refrigerating, that's I got the gushing of the foam.
  2. Hi , I'm to new to the community, Been breing Mr Beer for four year's..............I'm Conditioni the boltic Boltic porter, I've been conditioning since last Sunday (12/17/17) I took ont out of the refrigerator last night, I as I opened the bottler (these are swung top bottles I'm Using) I hear loud Pop as I Pulled the front bar up theat hold's the lid secure, the foam came gushing from the bottle, Is that normal? And also, how long should I leave them In there, I'm refrigerating 50 degrees?
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