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  1. I ended up finding a boxing day sale on the kits, $36 at my local Canadian Tire. So now I have three more LBK's waiting with refills of Canadian blonde, so I will get lots of practice over the next bit. At least with Canadian blonds haha! Im looking forwards to the first batch. I have it brewing in my cooler as per the advice of the Mr. Beer video I watched on you tube. I do admit though I may have perved my beer a couple times over the last couple days but always after the sun has set. Temptation was too strong not too look and I didint realise that was a mistake. Either way I'm not expecting much from my first ferment I'm hoping its drinkable at least. Thabks for the welcome guys I'm excited to get into this hobby and this seems like a great community to be a part of.
  2. Thank you! Oh thats not bad at all, I'm excited to see how this batch comes out if it's a success I'll look at buying a few more LBK's I really like the simplicity of the whole process!
  3. Hey guys, I just bought the kit with American lager. I made the wort and put it in the LBK. Unfortunately I forgot to add the booster. I am wondering what I can expect the abv for this beer to be? Also my understanding is 3weeks to ferment and 3 minimum to condition. And a few days in the fridge? Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
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