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  1. Thanks for all the information. Cheers!
  2. @ShrikeThanks for sharing that recipe. I was considering doing something similar to that with the Falconers hops I have. Maybe tossing the hop sack into the pot and boiling wort for around 5 minutes, then adding the sack and all into the LBK to begin fermentation? Is there a better way to add the hops into this equation? I have not used hops with my brewing experience yet.
  3. Hey guys. Newer brewer here. I have 1 can of Diablo IPA that I would like to start working up. This will be my first attempt at brewing additional ingredients other than the standard HME can. I am considering this for a recipe in a 2gal LBK: 1 can Diablo IPA 1 pack BrewMax LME - Pale 1 packet BrewMax Booster 1 packet Safale Us-05 (11.5g) I also have .5oz of Falconer’s Flight pellet hops I was intending to simmer in the wort in muslin sack. I am looking for a nice hoppy IPA, something with more flavor nuances and better ABV than the Diablo HME alone. Does this recipe sound decent? Should I use the whole 11.5g packet of Safale 05? Should I use more yeast than that? Any other thoughts you guys have on this to help me out for what I am working with?
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