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  1. Marius

    Hard Cider

    I'm curious about how this came out. I've been making hard cider from Apple juice. It comes out pretty good, but it is dry. People who I've given it to want it to be sweeter, but the sweetness always ferments out.
  2. I’m just throwing in a late comment that I did find that regular sugar was both cheaper and carbonated better than the drops. You are going to hear the “sugar is sugar” argument, but I was not happy with the carb drops. I use sugar cubes. Just as convenient and very effective.
  3. I know this is an old topic, but wanted to third that this is a solid recipe. I’ve made it three times and always satisfies my stout fans. I’m going to try to age some longer than three months to see how good it will get.
  4. Right. I went through this elaborate process of making paper towel collars for the stored beers. When I find the culprit, I will throw away those caps (after I drink the beer). It is probably time to replace them anyway.
  5. I remember that, but it had more to do with the ring on the cap that prevented bottles from tightening. This is a little different in that they are tight and carbonating. I’m just find my bottles in a puddle of beer with no sign of how or where it is coming from. I am going to keep watch and just throw away the empties after I drink the beer of course.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I have been preparing for the possible explosion, but this has me stumped.
  7. Has anyone had this problem? I have a large plastic container where I keep my beer, just in case of a gusher. Twice, I have found beer at the bottom of the container, but cannot find which beer is leaking. All the bottles are still very stiff and full. The bottles and caps are over a year old and have been reused a few times. Can bottles leak from the bottom or top without fully blowing up or losing carbonation?
  8. I’ve made this beer twice and it is a good one, even with short period of conditioning.
  9. I was mistaken. Not carapils. It was honey malt and pilsen malt. Let it Bee Honey Blonde.
  10. How important would you say is the measurement of the grains in a partial mash recipe? I ended up using the whole 4oz. bags of carapils and pilsen malts instead of 2oz. Of each as called for in the recipe. Does not seem like 2oz. should matter much but I thought I would ask the group. Any expected consequences?
  11. I have been getting in to partial mash lately but not long enough to have a mature product. I have Let it Bee and Grass-cutter Lager conditioning - both tasted good at bottling. Dry River Rye is brewing at the moment. Next in line is Naughty Cream Ale and Foggy Days California Common. It is going to be an interesting pipeline.
  12. My best yet has been a Northwest Pale Ale with added pale LME and 1oz. of citra hops. It was so good.
  13. Ok, I was worried about small pieces of fruit that are floating around in the bottled beer. I used canned fruit. Do you think that this fruit will cause any spoiling or flavor problems?
  14. I am brewing this right now and it smells great when I open the cooler. Very 🍊. Did the citrus flavor make it through fermentation or did you add it later? The clarity of your beer looks great.
  15. I ended up taking the ingredients, added rasberries changed out yeast and made a velvet velociraptor. Just not ready for lager yet.
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