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  1. Did I miss something or am I being too obsessive? It seems like everything that touches the beer has to be sanitized, but I've never heard anything about the sugar or carbo drops. Can you save left over drops for later? What about open packaging? I'm bottling my first batch on Sunday and want to get it right. Thanks for any input.
  2. Thanks guys for keeping me grounded.. I've read that a bunch of times here, but have been reading and watching videos elsewhere that led me astray. Patience!!!!!
  3. I started fermenting a Long Play IPA on New Years Day. It made a little foam, a lot of trub and had steady little bubbles. I noticed the last couple of days that it has stopped bubbling completely and is clear. I do not have a hydrometer. Should I leave it sitting on the trub for another week, or could it be ready to bottle? Nervous newbie asking..
  4. Your story is nearly identical to mine, but I started my batch a week after yours. So I will be curious to hear how your beer comes out. It is very true how much you can learn here. I've been quite obsessed. Funny that I didn't even know what words like trub and cold crash meant two weeks ago and now my family thinks that I talk crazy. I guess we are the new freshman class. Cheers!
  5. I bought a few packs of the carbon drops before I started reading on this forum. Sounds like sugar cubes get better reviews. I hate to waste the drops, but want the best results. Now I'm unsure what to do. Has anyone had good results with the drops? Should I toss them and go with the sugar cubes?
  6. Thanks- this forum has been a great help. I am preparing my low tech fermentation cooler (igloo with frozen bottles). Just wanted to be sure the conditioning will be fine. Not trying to do any kind of lager or cold conditioning at this point. Hoping that my IPA fermented OK without the cooling chest. That will be ready for bottling next week after cold crash. looking to start an Irish Stout next so maybe will be ready for St. Paddys Day!!
  7. There is a lot of great information here and I am trying to soak it all in.....But nervous newbie question coming.. I wanted to know more about conditioning temperatures. I hope to brew throughout the year but am concerned about Summer temps. I plan to store my bottled beer away in a dark closet with ambient temperatures inside my house averaging 73-75. Will that be too warm?
  8. I want to condition my bottles in a large plastic container. Both for convenience but also in case of leaking or exploding. Is there any reason against storing bottled beer in a closed (not air tight) container? Thanks
  9. I am one week into fermenting my first batch, so it's too late now. But....for future batches, does anyone know of a low cost way to keep the LBK cool enough during fermentation? I am in the south and spring time house temperature will be averaging 72 - 74 during the day. I was thinking of using a large ice chest with ice packs. Could that work? Will it be hard to keep a consistent temperature? Does everyone have a fermentation refrigerator? Thanks
  10. Thanks, You are absolutely right. I don't know why I paired those two together. I noticed that some recipes use the LME and some do not. I hoped to make that recipe have a bolder taste. I will pay more attention to the way the deluxe recipes paired.
  11. I am curious about using LME's to enhance the flavor of MB recipes. Can that just be added? For example: I am considering adding Golden LME to the Horses Ass recipe. Any thoughts?
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