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  1. Just poured a glass of the Long Play! As a reminder, it fermented in a 70F closet (didn’t have my inkbird and mini fridge yet) for 18 days, cold crashed for 3 days, bottled for 21 days, then bottle was in fridge for 3 days before I poured it today. Pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t as hoppy as I like (I’m partial to very hoppy IPAs). The malt flavor was more than I like, but still not too malty at all (guessing it was probably due to the hops not being too overpowering like I like). It also seemed too carbonated at first, but not enough to ruin the mood. Overall happy with how it tasted. Can’t wait to compare them after I put a few more in the fridge on Sunday, which would be 4 weeks in bottle at that point. I’d give it a 7/10 - very decent! I’m looking forward to my next batch for sure! In a few minutes, I’m gonna start bottling my second batch of Long Play, and a batch of the Aztec, then will clean up the LBKs and start fermenting a batch of Diablo and a batch of Northwest Pale Ale!
  2. Today was day 21 of bottling for my first home brew batch (Long Play IPA). Went ahead and put 2 in the fridge so I can taste in a few days and compare vs 4+ weeks bottling. Today was also day 21 of fermenting my 2nd batch of Long Play, and a batch of Aztec Mexican Cerveza. Excited for these since they were kept at 65F with my inkbird. Went head and started cold crashing at 35F. Will update after tasting!
  3. Like these guys said. Doesn’t look like an infection and it tasted like beer. Put the lid back on and leave it until you've done 18-21 days total, then cold crash for 3 days. Next time don’t take the lid off.
  4. Alright, thanks Rick. I definitely stirred too long; at least 5 minutes if not more. For some reason, I was thinking it was better if it cooled down a bit before adding to LBK water.
  5. If mid-50s is too low, I’m thinking I stirred too long after pouring the extract in after reaching boil, and should have added to the cold water in the LBK sooner. Yes, probe is below fluid line. I just switched the probe to the Aztec. After 10 minutes, it’s reading 64.6F, so it’s a little higher in temp than the Long Play. Should I keep the probe on the Aztec (on top shelf) rather than the Long Play?
  6. Thanks for the welcome guys! Last night I bottled the long play after cold crashing 3 days. I was able to get 10.5 740ml bottles out of it. First one, and the last half bottle, were definitely cloudy and had some trub in it. I have them sitting in the closet at 70F. On Saturday I went and got the mini fridge from Lowe’s. Got that set up, and after bottling, I cleaned and sanitized the LBK, as well as the new LBK kit I got. Went ahead and brewed another Long Play, as well as the Aztec Mexican Cerveza. I have them both in the mini fridge. Before I put them in the fridge, both gave a mid 50F reading on the inkbird and have slowly risen since. Currently, 13 hours later, they are still only at 63.3F. Is this a concern? Should I try to put a heat source in there to get it to 65, or should I just let it keep slowly rising? The Aztec is on the highest shelf, and was done about an hour earlier than the Long Play, which is on the middle shelf and has the inkbird taped on the outside of LBK with a folded paper towel over it. Kinda surprised that the Aztec already has a decent amount of trub.
  7. Hi guys, I’m a brand new home brewer and forum member. My girlfriend knew I’ve been thinking about getting into home brewing as a fun hobby, so she got me a Mr Beer kit for Christmas. I never looked into it that much really, but had thought the idea of it was fun. I opened her up on Christmas Eve and was so excited (especially at how easy the directions made it seem) that I started that night. I love drinking IPAs so she got me the Long Play IPA kit. I read the directions twice and got everything ready, then went through and got the fermentation up and going. I placed the LBK in the hall closet. The home thermostat is in the hallway, and was set at 67 degrees. Ever since I got it set up on Christmas Eve, I’ve been reading on this forum (mainly RickBeers posts). I wish I had found this before I started my first batch, but oh well, I will chalk it up to a learning experience. I ended up getting an ink bird temp controller a few days ago, and plan on getting the mini fridge from Lowe’s that holds 2LBKs this weekend (obviously for my next batch). High krausen was over when I got the ink bird, but I figured I’d try it out before the next batch. After taping the ink bird to the outside of the LBK (below the wort line, and with a folded paper towel on top) I found that my LBK has been fermenting in a steady 70 degrees (I know now that during high krausen it was higher). Kinda disappointing, but glad I’m learning and preparing for my next batch. Today was 18 days of fermenting (which is, I believe, when rick beer usually starts his cold crashing), so I tasted a small amount and it tasted like flat beer, so I took the LBK to my garage fridge and am starting 3 days of cold crashing at 38 degrees. I am tipping the LBK to keep the trub away from the spigot (I also tipped it ever since I read about it, during fermentation a few days after I started). After 3 days cold crashing, I plan on bottling and putting bottles in the closet for 4 weeks (although I am going to take one out at 3 weeks and refrigerate for 3 days just so I can compare the taste). I plan on getting the mini fridge from Lowe’s in two days, so my next batch can be temp controlled during fermentation. I have another Long Play Kit that I am going to do so I can see the difference between temp controlled and my first batch. I plan on setting the inkbird at 65 with a 1 degree differential, and 5 minute compressor delay. I also got an Aztec Mexican Cerveza refill, and will brew that at the same time since the fridge will fit two LBKs. I just want want to say thanks to everyone on the forum. I’ve learned a lot over the last 18 days, and am looking forward to learning more. I want to thank RickBeer specifically. I’ve read a lot of his posts among others for about the first 10 days, but a few days ago, I decided I would religiously go back through ALL of his previous posts, and am currently on page 26 out of 352. I couldn’t thank my girlfriend enough, because I am enjoying this new hobby a lot. She picked out a great kit to get my toes wet in the hobby. I plan on just sticking with Mr Beer as well as to the simple recipes and instructions for the foreseeable future, and won’t get all mad scientist. I’m excited to show my friends this new hobby of mine and sharing my home brew with them, and hopefully teach them what I am learning if they’re so interested. If anyone has any tips or anything else after what I have wrote, feel free to comment. I mainly just wanted to introduce myself since I have been lurking for a few weeks. I’ll be sure to let you guys know how my first batch turns out.
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