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  1. my wda is a success. i bottled on tuesday 11/12 after cold crashing for 3 days. filled 10 750ml bottles and i had about 8 oz left over. it had a great taste. i'll try the trub bottle after 4 weeks. thanks for all the help folks, i was close to tossing this batch.
  2. i did a google image search and it looks like i was over concerned as y'all have told me. tomorrow it's 2 weeks in the lbk. i'll take a taste when i bottle in another week. thanks so much to all for the voices of experience. i have another can of wda on the way...looks like i'll have two batches after conditioning. i'll be sure to sanitize Everything on the next run.
  3. thanks for the input! but....how will i Know if it's spoiled? smell? the spots kinda look like what a bowl of leftovers develops when left in the fridge for a month
  4. if it were to be bad, would it smell foul? my batch doesn't. i've never brewed wda before but i never had this look in the lbk. i took the pic yesterday and have let the temp in the ice chest come up to 69f. there's more of those round white patches floating today. they are not foam. i reordered more wda and am gonna toss this batch soon.
  5. i'm pretty sure i screwed up my batch. i neglected to sanitize the thermometer i used to check the temp of my wort before pitching the yeast. the pic isn't that clear...but looks to me like bacterial infection. what do y'all think?
  6. all's fine, i have fermentation! thanks for all the advice.
  7. that's the info i needed. i've made 4 batches of mrb extract, and a few using extract and grain. i still use an ice chest and frozen bottles for temp control. i've been very happy with the beer so far. thanks So much for your input....i hope the yeast works... i'll know tomorrow.
  8. the mrb instructions for the wda say to ferment for 10 - 14 days, how long did you ferment your batches for? and what do you believe the optimal temp should be? i brewed today and used the supplied yeast.
  9. that's why i questioned the wda yeast. i figure it is over a year old and i doubt it was refrigerated. i will use it tho.
  10. i think i'll start it in a bit of dme to make sure. i'd like to use what was provided but thoughts of it sitting under the lid in a hot warehouse for a year or so made me think.
  11. thanks shrike. so you're saying the old yeast that has been in the fridge would be best. the whole pack of s-04 should be used? and why not the mrb churchill yeast? mercy on the newbee questions please....
  12. my can of almost out of date winter dark arrived today. i'm concerned about the yeast that came with it. might it be too old to do the job? i do have a year old pack of the churchill nut brown yeast that has been kept in the fridge. and i have a pack of s-04 the same age ( 11+ grams) that has been in the fridge too. should i use the old winter dark yeast or one of the others? i want to brew on 10/19/19. but if i Need to order new yeast i can. tia!
  13. received my churchill today as expected. brewed it and all went well. i plan to dry hop it after 2 week in the lbk. i'll be using 1/2 oz of styrian goldings.
  14. i even got FREE usps priority shipping!! it will arrive saturday and i will brew it right up. i should have bought 2. just went back to check and sure enough the free shipping option had disappeared from the list. oh well i should have struck hard while the iron was hot. the ale is still on sale tho. i'm guessing it was a mistake. there was free shipping on orders over $25 for father's day sale. someone goofed, i did contact mr beer to thank them for the nice present.
  15. my first batch turned out great! i was looking at the mr beer store and i see the churchill nut brown ale is on sale for only $10. i had to get one!
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