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  1. Is it possible to ferment too long? I have a partial mash that I began fermenting on April 24 and I forgot about it until today. Is it possible for it to have fermented too long? What will happen?
  2. Is there a technique to get rid of the yeast that forms at the bottom of the bottles? I would like to be able to store them in my fridge on their sides but afraid of drinking too much of the yeast.
  3. Thank you all very much! I am looking forward to trying my new beer, Kristof I think I’ll pass on having you taste the beer, by doing that I am ruining the best part of this hobby lol
  4. I have been doing some research and I’m not exactly sure I have found the answer so hopefully someone can help me out. I am nearing the end of fully completing my first batch! I followed all instructions during the fermentation process, added the sugar drops into my plastic bottles and have them conditioning, my concern right now is that at the bottom of the bottles I am seeing gunk. What I believe this gunk is, is the gunk that came out of the keg after fermenting. A few questions: 1. Am I correct on what/where the gunk came from? 2. Is it safe to drink? 3. What can I do differently on my next brews? 4. Should I transfer everything into a growler or pour it into a glass when time to drink so I am not consuming that gunk? thank you for your input?
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