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  1. Got it all bottled. When bottling, the banana ester was more prominent than when I tasted it, but it really smelled good, not overpowering. When I took the lid off the LBK, it smelled good inside. It was a very pleasing aroma. That was not the case with my Oktoberfest nor the American Light, but I do believe the American Light had an infection. Anyway, I'll update in a couple of weeks. Because it tasted really good right out of the LBK, I'm feeling really good about this batch! Thanks for all the advice! By the way, propping the LBK up on a CD case during fermentation worked perfectly to keep trub away from the spigot.
  2. The Weissbier has been fermenting for 20 days. Average temp during that time was 66 degrees. It got as high as 70 during active fermentation and as cold as 63 on a few cold nights. I just poured 2 ounces of it to try - the first pour right out of the tap - and I'm very excited! It tastes good, and like a wheat beer! I do not detect any off-flavors. I like the esters of this style, the banana and clove flavors, but they are not very strong with this batch. The banana is there, but faint, but I only drank a couple of ounces. Because I didn't let the temps get above 70 during fermentation, perhaps during bottling conditioning I'll let the temps get a little higher to see if it will bring out the esters. When I poured it, it foamed up nicely and actually made a head in my shot glass. That made me wonder if I should bottle prime like normal with 2 carb drops per 750ml PET bottle? It seems already carbonated? If I don't hear any objections, I'll be bottling later this evening. Cheers!
  3. Yes, and Palmer says to use distilled with extract brewing. I'll let you know how it turns out
  4. 24 Hour Update Temperature in the LBK slowly rose overnight. At 6 pm, temp is 69.5. Fermentation looks good with about a half inch layer of krausen at the top. I'm not going to let it get any higher than 70 tonight.
  5. Interesting. I did not consider that partial boils would not boil out the O2. Thanks! I did thoroughly sanitize the whisk, so hopefully I didn't introduce anything.
  6. I'm new to this, and my first 2 batches have been not so good, and downright bad. The first batch I brewed was the Oktoberfest. It came out tolerable and drinkable, but not good. It starts okay but finishes weak, like water, with a strong acetaldehyde component. The second batch was the American Light. After fermenting it 3 weeks, I opened the lid off the LBK and poured it down the drain about 5 minutes later. The acetaldehyde was so strong that sniffing the LBK was like sniffing apple cider vinegar. I did taste it, hoping that maybe bottle conditioning would take some of the cider flavor out of it, but it did not taste good enough that I would drink it, even with a reduction in acetaldehyde. In hindsight, when brewing these, I did not understand the importance of wort temperature when pitching, I let the temperatures during high krausen get too high, and I did not aerate the wort nearly enough before pitching. Between those brews and now I've read Palmer's How to Brew and spent some time on these forums, so I hope the Weissbier turns out to be my first good brew. I also bought an infrared thermometer so that I could measure wort temperature without having to sanitize a thermometer, and I can take an instant temperature on the outside of the LBK during high krausen in order to keep the wort from getting too hot. With all that in mind, here are my notes from the Weissbier deluxe refill. Notes: Used almost frozen distilled water. After pouring in the wort and the cold water, wort temperature in the LBK was 59 degrees. Used a whisk to aerate the wort in the LBK. I aerated for about 5 minutes. The wort foamed up, which it has never done before. I pitched the dry yeast, and immediately took a temp reading. The dry yeast in the LBK was 70 degrees. I screwed the lid on. At 6:00 pm, about 10 minutes after pitching, the temp reading on the outside of the LBK was 59 degrees. At 7:00 pm, at the time of writing this, the temp on the outside of the LBK was 62 degrees. I'm taking the reading in the middle of the LBK. If I take a reading at the bottom of the LBK or right at the top of the wort, the temperature differential is as much as 5 degrees. I've got a frozen gallon jug and a cooler ready. The LBK will go in the cooler, and I'm hoping to regulate the temperature with the frozen gallon. I'll update the post with more temp readings later.
  7. I bottled for the first time last week. Until the ring was broken, bottles would not seal. Even with ring broken, when I put caps on, I had to tighten them a ridiculous amount to get them to seal. It actually made my hand sore. Seems odd to have to tighten so much when common cheap water bottle seals easily with little effort.
  8. Thanks guys. Good advice. I didn't consider I might blow out the bottles. As they are on top shelf of closet, that would not be good, and the wife would kill me!
  9. Bottled my 1st brew, the Octoberfest. It's been a week, and some of the 22oz bottles are much harder than others. I'm pretty sure I forgot to add 2 sugar primers in some of the bottles. Can I open the softer ones and drop in another primer? Thanks!
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