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  1. there are a lot of opinions on this forum and others, but I would start simple with a BIAB recipe. watch some videos on youtube about the process. if you have a kettle already, you just need some mesh sacks which are cheap on amazon and either a home brew shop or a place to buy grain and hops online. @Bonsai & Brew posted a recipe some time ago for an all grain pale ale called "Little Trees". that might be a good 2 gal recipe to try. sky is the limit.
  2. the internet is loaded with all grain beer recipes. are you more interested in what is the process for brewing? or just a recipe?
  3. maybe home brewing is off b/c of fitness trends, craft breweries and just retail in general. i don't brew to save money....etc. i like the process and having a cold keg of homebrew in the garage fridge. if you have a good LHBS that supports home brewers AND pro brewers, like mine does, that's probably a good recipe for success and sustainability. just guessing.
  4. i was in my LHBS yesterday, and it was hopping. had to wait a bit to get my grainbill put together. i guess it depends on the area of the country you live in or something.
  5. i don't brew MRB brews much anymore, as I have moved on to all grain, but the recommendations haven't changed. 21 days fermentation is pretty fool proof and 4 weeks in bottles ~ 70 deg will carb your brew.
  6. i know....every time i go to a restaurant/bar and order a beer, they always ask me, chilled or room temp? LOL
  7. only octoberfest i have done, was a true lager. used white labs german lager yeast and did the lagering steps fermenting low and raising to diacetyl rest....etc. you could easily use the ale yeasts you have on hand and it would taste just fine.
  8. i would actually agree with @RickBeer on this one. brews where i have experienced extract twang (most HME's), i have tasted it at bottling, before any priming has occurred. table sugar is the way to go.
  9. @StretchNM Stretch, i've brewed quite a few recipes that called for X amount of table or corn sugar. just adds ABV (which i like).
  10. @Fire Roosterdry hopped my 4 gallon smash today. only used 1/2 oz of the mosaic cryo pellets. recipe called for 1 oz. will keg in a week.
  11. experimenting is what it's all about! will dry hop 1/2 oz in a week or 2. next batch, may try whirlpool at 120. will see if big difference.
  12. @Fire Rooster hey just an fyi, went to my LHBS to get my smash ingredients yesterday. talked with them about cryo hops. described that i want to whirlpool mosaic cryo hops. they said it will be hoppy if i don't 1/2 what the recipe calls for. told them i'm not scared, and they said throw the whole oz in at 175 deg for my 4 gal batch. did just that. we'll see how it turns out. i know it will be cold beer.
  13. that is awesome. congrats to you! keep up the good work and try a bunch of craft refill recipes.
  14. i would roll with it and see what you got. worst case scenario, you made beer! i don't have any experience with the fast ferment 3 gal, but I brew all grain 3 gallon batches regularly with a different fermenter. edit: now that i look at the fast fermenter, it says it's a 3 gal fermenter made for 2 gallon batches, so you should be fine. just see how it turns out.
  15. @greyhound yes, i think you should have used a 2 gallon LB"K" for this recipe. i looked at the instructions and that is definitely what this recipe is for. what to do now? not sure. you've already brewed it. I would just assume that it's a watered down version of the original recipe. like someone said in a previous post, at least you can drink your mistakes. LOL
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