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  1. Jdub

    old beer

    i took a sip out of most when I was pouring them out and they were pretty bad. i really don't cook with beer alot unless i'm making chili and i'll just use some fresh. was a shame to dump all that beer. at least makes room for more.
  2. Jdub

    old beer

    hey, i have several cases of mostly MRB brew in glass bottles. it has been sitting upstairs in our playroom at ambient temp for at least a few years now. I opened a few some time ago, and discovered that they don't age well. Should I just start throwing them out? I put so much effort into them (well....a little effort) that I don't want to waste them. Not sure what to do. Can't see myself choking them down if they've gone bad.
  3. do you think that will eliminate some of the apple cidery off flavors?
  4. i went ahead and crashed....now that i think about it @Bonsai & Brew, you're right. the only time i've done that was for lagers.
  5. actual beer question. brewing hazy ipa and used US-04. inkbird set at 65 for 2 weeks. ready to cold crash, but should I do a diacetyl rest for a few days 1st at 68 and THEN cold crash? or doesn't make a difference, just crash it now. crashing b/c there a TON of dry hops in this recipe.
  6. Disagree about bottles. Nothing like waiting a month to try your brew in PET bottles and you discover a bad lid seal and it’s flat. Never has happened to me with glass. I would recommend start collecting glass bottles, a bench capper and an inkbird. If you want to go crazy find a mini fridge to hook it up to.
  7. hmmmm.....i don't know. maybe someone else has a comment about this. doesn't sounds overcarbed.
  8. sounds about right in terms of process. how long did you fridge them? some people suggest 3 days before drinking. what recipe?
  9. more info needed. how long did you ferment, condition/carb and fridge? how much sugar used for carbing? What recipe?
  10. Have clogged my racking arm many times. That can be a mess! But more hops so worth it.
  11. Someone actually asked a MRB question on the MRB forum and everyone is like....😲. LOL!
  12. uuuugh. that looks pretty bad. Could be it's just on top and bottling it was a good decision assuming you stopped well before getting to the gunk. good luck!
  13. I have a new pellet smoker that is pretty much amazing. I am also a fan of peated (Smokey) scotch. What if I put some grains on a cookie sheet in the smoker for a while for a low temp smoke? Maybe a smoked ipa? Is that gross? Or would that be remotely interesting? Should I just stick with ribs?
  14. i need to get to brewing. been a lazy butt lately when it comes to brewing plus I want the weather to be a bit cooler for outside brewing. and i started a business this year and that has taken most of my time as it should. still have 2 on tap in the keezer, but they're about to run out. just my friday rant, sorry!
  15. Jdub

    Older grain

    I have a sack of unmilled grain I’ve had for about 3-4 months. Does it lose any of its fermentable properties over time? Or is it milled grain that has a short shelf life?
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