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  1. i like roggenkellerbier. something about Keller. I think i have been to that Texas town before? LOL
  2. yes, just kegged a pale ale using hothead today. great for summer. you literally don't need temp control! hot garage got the brew up to mid 90's. finished in about 3 days, did a 3 day dry hop and cold crashed. should be some great tropical esters at that high temp. highly recommend in the summer.
  3. that is a lot of beer. more than i would be able to drink for sure. what's the style you're shooting for?
  4. on topic, downloaded the 2019 report for kroger spring water i use and built profile in BS. will go with the suggested water additions for next IPA i'm finna brew this week maybe. will see if it's a big difference.
  5. @Big Sarge i just went to LHBS and picked up some hothead. have a recipe and ingredients for "Neptune IPA" from BYO website? will do a hot garage batch with it. gonna get that bitch up to 99 degrees or so next week!
  6. im not sure, but it gives off fruity esters at higher temps, plus, i mostly brew ipa's so it's a good fit i think. i'll bet a wheat beer would be nice too.
  7. hell yeah! lots of times. hothead is one of them, and the Voss Kveik. used them both. do a hot Texas garage batch IPA with it. no temp control needed. did an ipa last summer and temp got up to 100 deg in my garage. turned out so good! i think the brew finished in like 3 days. crazy.
  8. Think I’m gonna brew tomorrow. 4 gal batch of a citra hop bomb dipa. I have had the uncrushed grains for some time vacuum sealed. Gonna use mangrove jack west coast yeast. Indoor batch. High 90’s here tomorrow.
  9. stole yeast from 3 bell's oberon's tonight. started with a small starter on the stir plate. will prop it up one more time in 3 or 4 days. 1st time to try this. gonna brew an oberon clone in about 1 week or so.
  10. used K97 German Ale yeast. fermenting at 65 degrees in my ferm fridge. we'll see how the finished product turns out. i was going to follow the normal ale schedule: 2 weeks ferm and one week in the keg. perhaps i should consider letting it sit in the keg for awhile longer to condition. all i have to go by are @Cato's pix of his altbier. looks good!
  11. well the wort smelled great! dark and toasty just like i imagine it will taste.
  12. went with the Altbier. mainly b/c i've never brewed one before (or drank one to my knowledge). wort tastes dark and roasty. this is gonna be good.
  13. thinking about brewing in the morning. can't decide between a citra hop bomb dipa, or an Altbier that I got all the stuff for.......#homebrewindecision
  14. should work good. i just leave mine out on the counter until pitching. always seems to work fine. i'll bet it will take off when you pitch.
  15. You will be golden! All you have to do is make the starter and shake it up every now and then. Better than nothing!
  16. it's better than nothing. i've done some starters the day before brew day. i think it helps. my last brew had a 3 day starter and it took off like a sonofagun.
  17. @Cato got the grains shipped to me for an Altbier! gonna see what the fuss is all about. 4 gallon batch. 2nd up in my brew queue.
  18. amen, i dump the whole thing in there. no decanting for me either. if i have time, i leave my starter on a stir plate for 3 days, but 1 day is better than nothing.
  19. Jdub

    Recipe suggestion

    Well during the boil I am adding hops. Pretty good rolling boil. Do you think I could have some skunk flavor? I’ve always boiled outside and have never thought about it.
  20. Jdub

    Recipe suggestion

    will sunlight skunk wort? i'm boiling outside and don't have a lot of shade.
  21. dude this smack pack is about to bust it wants to brew so bad! BUT, it will be going into a starter. brewing a hazy recipe for the 3rd time in a few days. LHBS shipped me a big box with a couple of grain bills today.
  22. I agree with @Creeps McLane in that your cooler is same as the bag. Just holds grain and holds the temp as well. The difference is do your sparge or not. I do feel like I’m getting more out of my grains when I’m rinsing them. Not sure. I could always try doing a 1 step mash and bs would just suggest more water in the cooler. I just like to brew once a month and have some beer on tap!
  23. it's really not that big of a deal. your #'s that BS calculates for your efficiency is all based on what you tell it your set up is and your technique. I do 1 round of sparging via vourlaf. not hard at all. My First Wort is always very sweet, and I'll telling you that my 2nd wort runnings still has quite a bit of sweetness in it. why leave that behind is what i would say. of course, i'm usually brewing beers at ~6-8% ABV, so I'll take all of the sugars I can extract. very simple brewing.
  24. i have e-mailed omega several times and they are great about getting right back to you if i'm not sure if i should make a starter or not. i usually make a starter for liquid yeast because i'm usually brewing 7% abv or so. been using dry yeast lately b/c i've been lazy.
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