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  1. hey @Cato i have an altbier grainbill loaded in BS. what kind of hops did you use and what schedule during boil? curious? i have hallertau blanc (60 min) and tettnang (15 min) in my recipe that i have yet to brew. wyeast german ale yeast.
  2. i think the advice is sound. identify your target before you shoot. decide what you want to brew, find a recipe for it online or other, scale it to your batch size with brewing software or do some math. then go get your ingredients and brew it up. many here have brewed with random ingredients before, but that is probably after brewing many batches and kind of know what to expect. you'll probably make better beer. just my free advice.
  3. @StretchNM if you don't mind me asking, why do you want to brew 1 gallon batches? to each his own, but it's no more effort to fill up your LBK (2 gallons) and have more beer.to drink. especially if you really like it....know what i mean? i used to think that the LBK was way too much beer, and now I'm questioning the concept of 4 gallons. go figure.
  4. my bottle washing method.....drink beer, rinse out bottle pretty good. put in box in garage. when i feel like washing 50 or so bottles, i use oxy clean free, hot water, a bottle brush and a bottle tree. not that bad. i must say that i haven't washed bottles in a while now.
  5. it can also depend on how strong your boil is. my kitchen stove vs. my turkey fryer burner are 2 different outcomes potentially.
  6. 1st of all, if @Creeps McLane told you something, you can take that to the bank! LOL. I believe that the default in BS is .5 gallons per hour for the boil off rate. I would argue that mine is higher, so I agree with you. sounds right. I usually start off with almost 5 gallons (4.7) and struggle to get 4 gallons into my fermenter....trying to leave some of the hop sludge behind.
  7. @StretchNM buy 1 year of beersmith. you'll be hooked! write everything down in the notes tab on BS.
  8. interesting article. i think i get the freshest ingredients that are available to me as a small time home brewer, however time is my biggest enemy. often times i am feeling rushed when i'm brewing, and telling everyone around me that i'm almost finished. i make alot of mistakes b/c i'm rushed a lot.
  9. i think you could easily identify which bottle leaked b/c of stick beer residue on the side of the bottle. check it out and throw that bottle/cap away (after drinking the beer).
  10. welcome back to the forum @Marius!
  11. i know early 2018 mrb posted that there were some failures with some of their caps and were offering to switch them out. i switched to 12 oz glass shortly after.
  12. old thread, but i say go for it! better beer awaits! hopefully the OP was convinced to upgrade 3 yrs ago....LOL
  13. nice, no thanks to me. you're the one doing it and making good beer. keep up the good work! i may copy your recipe....LOL
  14. sounds good. you dry hopping? Whirlpooling? that's a lot of hops. should be tasty.
  15. not brewing till next weekend, but went to LHBS today and got the parts for a 4 gallon batch of all grain Hopslam clone. lots of hops bought today.
  16. i have heard good things about qbrew, but i use beersmith, and can't imagine brewing without it. it tells you how much mash water/strike water etc....to use.
  17. i would say go for it. although, i think the LBK is the perfect size for experimentation. 2 gal batch isn't too much, or too little. and there's no more effort 1 vs 2 gal batch. but it just gets worse from here. now i do 4 gal batches, and experiments are 3 gal.
  18. there are a lot of opinions on this forum and others, but I would start simple with a BIAB recipe. watch some videos on youtube about the process. if you have a kettle already, you just need some mesh sacks which are cheap on amazon and either a home brew shop or a place to buy grain and hops online. @Bonsai & Brew posted a recipe some time ago for an all grain pale ale called "Little Trees". that might be a good 2 gal recipe to try. sky is the limit.
  19. the internet is loaded with all grain beer recipes. are you more interested in what is the process for brewing? or just a recipe?
  20. maybe home brewing is off b/c of fitness trends, craft breweries and just retail in general. i don't brew to save money....etc. i like the process and having a cold keg of homebrew in the garage fridge. if you have a good LHBS that supports home brewers AND pro brewers, like mine does, that's probably a good recipe for success and sustainability. just guessing.
  21. i was in my LHBS yesterday, and it was hopping. had to wait a bit to get my grainbill put together. i guess it depends on the area of the country you live in or something.
  22. i don't brew MRB brews much anymore, as I have moved on to all grain, but the recommendations haven't changed. 21 days fermentation is pretty fool proof and 4 weeks in bottles ~ 70 deg will carb your brew.
  23. i know....every time i go to a restaurant/bar and order a beer, they always ask me, chilled or room temp? LOL
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