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  1. On 9/10/2021 at 7:06 PM, Big Sarge said:

    Are they too bad for a brat bath on the grill or some other cooking use? Did you try all of them and none are worth drinking? That’s a lot of cooking beer lol. I’m sure others will have some more interesting uses. 

    i took a sip out of most when I was pouring them out and they were pretty bad. i really don't cook with beer alot unless i'm making chili and i'll just use some fresh. was a shame to dump all that beer. at least makes room for more.

  2. hey, i have several cases of mostly MRB brew in glass bottles. it has been sitting upstairs in our playroom at ambient temp for at least a few years now. I opened a few some time ago, and discovered that they don't age well. Should I just start throwing them out? I put so much effort into them (well....a little effort) that I don't want to waste them. Not sure what to do. Can't see myself choking them down if they've gone bad.

  3. On 4/18/2021 at 6:35 PM, RickBeer said:

    Different bottles won't affect your quality at all.


    Batch priming also won't affect quality.


    Temp control will affect quality.

    Disagree about bottles. Nothing like waiting a month to try your brew in PET bottles and you discover a bad lid seal and it’s flat. Never has happened to me with glass. I would recommend start collecting glass bottles, a bench capper and an inkbird. If you want to go crazy find a mini fridge to hook it up to. 

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  4. 22 minutes ago, LClark1049 said:

    It has been in the fridge for about a week, it is a Hefeweizen recipe.  This the 2nd time this has turned out like this.

    hmmmm.....i don't know. maybe someone else has a comment about this. doesn't sounds overcarbed.

  5. 15 minutes ago, LClark1049 said:

    Thanks for the response, 2 1/2 weeks fermented bottled in 16oz flip top bottles, using 1 carbonation tablet.  They have been bottled for about 3 weeks.

    sounds about right in terms of process. how long did you fridge them? some people suggest 3 days before drinking. what recipe?

  6. 3 minutes ago, LClark1049 said:

    I need some help, I brewed a batch of beer and placed it the fridge to cool down.  When I pour it into a glass it's 80% foam.  Any help would be appreciated in reducing the amount of foam.

    more info needed. how long did you ferment, condition/carb and fridge? how much sugar used for carbing? What recipe?

  7. 6 minutes ago, BuckeyeBrewer said:

    Hate to take the lid off, but this is definitely infected. The big white bump is just the hop sack but there are little pellicles around it and a white sheen.


    uuuugh. that looks pretty bad. Could be it's just on top and bottling it was a good decision assuming you stopped well before getting to the gunk. good luck!

  8. I have a new pellet smoker that is pretty much amazing. I am also a fan of peated (Smokey) scotch. What if I put some grains on a cookie sheet in the smoker for a while for a low temp smoke? Maybe a smoked ipa? Is that gross? Or would that be remotely interesting? Should I just stick with ribs?

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  9. i need to get to brewing. been a lazy butt lately when it comes to brewing plus I want the weather to be a bit cooler for outside brewing. and i started a business this year and that has taken most of my time as it should. still have 2 on tap in the keezer, but they're about to run out. just my friday rant, sorry!

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  10. 2 hours ago, Cato said:

    I've brewed twice using the @Jdub method and start off using ground water thru my chiller while whirpooling my hops and then switch to the ice bags and that'll bring it down to pitch temps. Works great even in our summer heat.

    However, I have avoided brewing cause its not much fun this time of year, but I'm going to brew a batch of Altbier next week as my Octoberfest brew.

    Nice! i still have a little Altbier left in one of my kegs. that was a good one. May step up and brew a kitchen batch this week. it's literally like 106 deg here right now. heat wave for a few more days.

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  11. 1 hour ago, Big Sarge said:

    I'm already looking forward to my next brew day. It's hot as hell here, but I don't care! I just gotta come up with creative ways to get the wort down to pitching temp. I have my fermentation fridge and kegerator indoors here, so that's an added bonus. I spend a lot of time sweating my rump off in the garage anyway, so might as well do it while brewing! We are already empty nesters, so I hope to brew more while here. The only downfall is the wife being out of work, making money a little tighter here. Even more reason to save money brewing my own!

    I just need 3 bags of ice. I use a wort chiller and submersible pump in a cooler. Works like a charm. Just a pain in the ass messing with it. 

    I know. I could brew indoors and I have. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a nice chilly morning to brew outside? This fall for sure. 

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  12. damn..i have a Neptune Pale Ale that I have all the stuff for, but it's just too stinking hot here in NTX right now! I would move somewhere else in a few years, but we have too much freedom here in Texas! maybe a couple of months "brewing vacation" in a few years when I'm an empty nester? just thinking out loud and planning my life, sorry.

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  13. 3 hours ago, HoppySmile! said:

    Is or has anyone attempted a kveik?

    yes, just kegged a pale ale using hothead today. great for summer. you literally don't need temp control! hot garage got the brew up to mid 90's. finished in about 3 days, did a 3 day dry hop and cold crashed. should be some great tropical esters at that high temp. highly recommend in the summer. 

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  14. On 6/25/2020 at 8:13 PM, Creeps McLane said:

    Tomorrow, 15 gallons. 3 oz cascade at dry hop. Replace falconers with veterans blend. 5 gallons lager, 10 gallons 05 or 04, whatever is in the fridge 


    that is a lot of beer. more than i would be able to drink for sure. what's the style you're shooting for?

  15. on topic, downloaded the 2019 report for kroger spring water i use and built profile in BS. will go with the suggested water additions for next IPA i'm finna brew this week maybe. will see if it's a big difference.


    17 hours ago, Big Sarge said:

    Nice. Pretty crazy stuff. Any noticeable difference? Would you only use it for IPAs?

    @Big Sarge i just went to LHBS and picked up some hothead. have a recipe and ingredients for "Neptune IPA" from BYO website? will do a hot garage batch with it. gonna get that bitch up to 99 degrees or so next week!

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  17. 12 hours ago, Big Sarge said:

    Nice. Pretty crazy stuff. Any noticeable difference? Would you only use it for IPAs?

    im not sure, but it gives off fruity esters at higher temps, plus, i mostly brew ipa's so it's a good fit i think. i'll bet a wheat beer would be nice too.

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