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  1. yes, "Jdub in Texas" is extremely high society! i drink my shiner bock out of a diamond crusted crystal beer mug! LOL
  2. true. i started with brand new perlick faucets. will have to youtube how to take them apart. can't be that difficult to maintain them. i know that they pour great!
  3. well, i've only had my keezer up and running a couple of weeks, but I recognize it could get out of control quickly if i don't practice good habits. I have been drinking alot out of it though....lol
  4. ok @RickBeer you got me paranoid. just ran hot water through my faucets. i feel better now!
  5. ok, i can dispel the myths in one post. i bottle a lot from my kegs and give beer away. the key is to put your bottles into the fridge 1st. i sanitize them, and put a piece of sanitized foil on top of the opening. let it get fridge temp, and then turn down the pressure, pull the PRV and fill your bottles. just bottled a sixer for a friend yesterday and that worked like a charm.
  6. planning on brewing an APA in the morning. should be good weather. the only obstacle will be the wife and potential honey do's since i'm off tomorrow. #homebrewproblems
  7. newer pic of my keezer. ipa and stout on tap. blueberry wheat on the co2. haven't connected it to a tap yet. could fit a 4th keg in there and i will soon.
  8. @Big Sarge im going to buy a sanke tap and i can't wait. the breweries around me sell smaller kegs of great brew that could fit in my keezer. i'll have some craft commercial and home brew on tap!
  9. A. @Creeps McLane I''m on my way over to have a beer with you so you can prove your theory. have my glass ready please. only be about 18 hours and i'll be there. B. 2 cents from limited kegging experience, but enough to have an opinion. using the keg in the fridge with the picnic tap, I would carb for a week at 12 psi. then, when ready to serve, i would turn down the psi's to 6 or 7, bleed the pressure from the PRV and serve perfectly with the picnic tap, which is very short. fast forward to a keezer, or kegerator. I am using 10' lines not b/c some "guy at the store" said so, but i called my LHBS and talked with the guys who know what they're talking about and they told me 10' line is the way to go. i haven't been adjusting the carbing pressure in the keezer (still at 12 or so) and it pours like a charm, like at a bar. keezer inkbird set at 36 deg.
  10. have a Community Yessir Pale Ale clone ready to brew. all the grains, hops...etc. I love the beer, and it's seasonal, so I can't get it right now, so I e-mailed the brewmaster and he e-mailed me right back! gave me everything except for the most important part, the hop schedule. having to guess on that. oh well, i will make beer! wish i had time to brew right now. damn work!
  11. do you have a 1/2 tsp measuring spoon? there is nothing special about the cubes other than convenience. so easy just to measure table sugar and put it in your bottle.
  12. ordered ingredients for a belgian chocolate stout. Briess recipe. i figure if it turns out great, i will give some to co-workers for New Years. If it's not worth a damn, i'll just drink it!
  13. @Cammanron no worries. i would just use table sugar then. 1/2 tsp for every 12 oz. i have a little funnel that i use, or you can make one out of paper or something like that.
  14. i may go with that. i intended to brew it today, but work stuff was way too busy. this weekend?
  15. ok, so i have a Mr. Beer question for the group. I have a can of Bewitched Amber Ale that I would like to brew. I also have 1 lb of briess pilsen light dme, and 1 lb of dark dme. i have 2 mrb robust lme's and 1 pale lme. endless leftover hops in the freezer too. i could also go to the LHBS and get some grains if necessary. How should I brew this? Edit: looking through the recipes, i'm thinking Hidden Lake Amber Ale? what else?
  16. brewing on friday. got a recipe for a clone of lawson's ipa "sip of sunshine". anyone had it? I can't get it here in Tx. I believe that they are out of CT. Heard it is awesome, so of course I have to try it. have all the ingredients, which is a ton of hops. excited to brew again. brewing a 5.5 gallon batch.
  17. after 3 weeks fermentation, i would cold crash it for a couple of days and i'll bet it will fall out for the most part. I've had some gross looking stuff worse than that before and it was fine.
  18. saw both of those hops at my LHBS today
  19. Ya I think all the new brewers are on FB. Mrb is recommending fermenting in the low 70’s which goes against what I learned about mrb kits early on. I guess proof is in the results. Brewers seem to be happy with their beer.
  20. what @Shrike is saying is correct. porter is an ale, and if you have an inkbird, i would turn the temp down a bit.
  21. for mrb hme's, i would stick with 65-70 deg and the 3 weeks fermentation method. i guess time in bottles conditioning depends on the recipe. Some of them suggest 6-12 mos, some say a few weeks.
  22. yes, am going to get started after i have a little coffee!
  23. just crushed 11 lbs of grain for my "Texas Sunset Pale Ale". brewing in the morning. Using Centennial for bittering. Eukanot, simcoe and loral Cryo hops for low temp whirlpooling and dry hopping. US-05. should be good.
  24. i don't about their american noble hops, but i just bought a bunch of their cryo hops for my next brew. I have used them for whirpooling, or hop stand after the boil, and they are incredible. if you don't want the hop bitterness, but more of the flavor/aroma, you should try them. here's an article that explains how to use them: https://www.yakimachief.com/homebrewing-with-cryo-hops/
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