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    Recipe suggestion

    When steeping grains in a muslin bag......when I was at my local HB shop I had them put together my grain mix. They have a pad that you write down what you need and they put it all together. I wasn’t sure about getting it milled or whole. They suggested milled. I noticed when I filled the muslin bag it leaks fine particles or grain dust into the wort....etc. is that ok? Will that settle into the trub?
  2. Jdub

    Recipe suggestion

    Thanks for the suggestions. I went with black beer’d porter. Went to my local HB shop. Got my malts, yeast and hops. Can’t wait to try the finished product this summer.
  3. I'm a newbie. I have a bottling day coming up this weekend and don't want my LBK sitting idle for long after this run. When I got my rig I got several extract cans. I have an Am.Porter and an Am.Lager refill left. Is there a great recipe anyone recommends with either one of those cans? Also I have a great local HB shop I can get ingredients at too. Thanks
  4. I'm a newbie and have only fermented twice and don't actually have a finished batch yet. But....I had the same problem. The seam was not flat enough and it leaked a steady drip when I tested it. I took some sand paper and evenly ran it around the outside edge of the spigot hole for a little bit. Solved the problem.
  5. Ya just forgot that one step. The 1st two times I did according to instructions. I will sanitize with shot glass prior to bottling.
  6. Thanks for the opinion. I can't wait for the finished product.
  7. Only on my 3rd batch ever. Sanitized everything following instructions. Except......I forgot to open the spigot for 5 seconds during sanitizing. The sanitizer does hit the inside of the spigot while sitting and sloshing. It has been fermenting for 2 weeks now. Gonna wait till week 3 like instructions say. Will I potentially ruin the batch by running it through the spigot to bottle? Just curious. It's a lot of waiting and I don't want it to be ruined. More info. After brewing my last batch I pulled the spigot off and cleaned it good with that cleaner stuff mr beer sells. Thanks.
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