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    Voo Doo

    Uncle B, i don't know much, but i would think that if you've already brewed the batch and it's in the LBK, there is not much to do at this point. Just drink it when it's ready and enjoy. There are a lot of folks on this forum who have brewed voodoo that think that the brown sugar provides an off taste. test it yourself and see.
  2. Jdub

    older yeast

    update if anyone but me cares. full layer of krausen going on now. strange b/c i pitched on Sunday and wasn't a lot of activity until today. Now about 1/2 to 1 inch of krausen. crisis averted.
  3. Jdub

    older yeast

    good advice. thanks!
  4. question: i just brewed a MRB Sunday Morning Coming Down over the weekend. pitched a WLP001 Cal Ale yeast. Date was September 18-ish. No starter. aerated wort before pitching. brought yeast pack to room temp hours before pitching. shined a flashlight into LBK and have only seen a very thin bubbly layer on the wort that just appeared in the last 24 hours. not the vigorous krausen like most batches with fresh yeast. should i just let this play out? I have a US-05 pack i could throw in there right now, or i could leave it alone. i don't like to waste time, so i'm inclined to pitch another pack of yeast. what do y'all think? should i stop freaking out and just chill?
  5. Nick, you have much more experience than i do at brewing. However, I would just try them. Get fresh yeast and give it a go. What is the worst that could happen?
  6. Anyone ever used an aluminum turkey fryer pot as a brew kettle? I have one, it's pretty large, 29 quarts. i've only used it once a few years ago and have the whole kit, burner and all. what if i cleaned with that TSP stuff and tried to brew with it?
  7. thanks for the link. just loaded up a 3 gallon version of that recipe in Beersmith for a rainy day.
  8. @Shrike one more question regarding that sunday morning coming down. the recipe doesn't suggest or include any hop additions. would you include any hops in a boil for a few mins? or just brew it with just the PM/LME and HME? i have a lot of left over hops. many different varieties. just curious.
  9. that's the kind of advice i was looking for. done deal. will use the porter. thanks!
  10. question for my brew homies.....i'm going to brew the sunday morning coming down MRB recipe. i have lme, but I don't have a can of stout HME. I DO have a porter and a couple of WDA HME's. which would you sub for the stout?
  11. next 2 brews: AG saison recipe that i found online. picked up my grains, hops and yeast from my HBS today while i was filling up my new CO2 tank. after that, brewing a MRB Sunday Morning Coming Down batch.
  12. 1st of all congrats on your 1st brew! going forward, there are a lot of things you can do to add ABV. make a partial mash recipe, will give you more flavor, body and abv. super easy using grains. if you can steep a tea bag, you can do a PM recipe. Adding booster is a good idea too. i do that on most mrb recipes. you can add DME or LME. some brewers are fond of adding 1/2 cup or whole cup of honey as well. you just have to experiment and do a lot of reading. call MRB customer service, and they will give you advice, or your local HBS. my free advice.
  13. thanks for the tip. i just visited my local brewery's facebook page (Shannon Brewing) and found out they're running a special. filling growlers for $10 of blackberry crystal wheat! will stop by tomorrow to get some.
  14. that is greatness. so i guess it's just a general base malt type of post mash wort, and then you're going to do your own boil? that is a cool concept. how did you hear about it? did they advertise it? i'll have to look around at some of our local breweries to see if they do something similar.
  15. what do y'all think about a variation of the Sunday Morning Coming Down recipe. 1 porter hme, pale LME (i only have that and robust), a booster, some grains....chocolate and carapils. us-05 and at bottling use a shot of espresso. anyone done a coffee beer before?
  16. thinking about what MRB recipe to brew next. i have an american porter hme, so i was thinking about another round of black beer'd porter. i have a bunch of LME's, grains and some s-05. but on the other hand @Shrike i have a el gordito kit in hand that i need to brew. on the other hand, i have a can of bewitched that i could brew too? #homebrewproblems
  17. so what was the deal? was this brewery giving away wort today? what's the occassion?
  18. i am out of this brew, but i have a can of porter and some lme's laying around. need to get this one going. great brew.
  19. man thanks for the pix. what a great prize! i'll bet that kept you busy for awhile.
  20. it will not hurt anything. it is pretty foamy stuff. when i bottle, i just pour the solution out the best i can. ignore the bubbles and let them overflow when bottling to the proper level ( i use a bottling wand). you don't need to rinse it. after i cap a bottle i run it under the sink and rinse off the outside of the bottle, but that's it.
  21. that's too complex for me. instructions say 1 oz per gallon. i just eyeball a little less than a 1/4 oz on the onboard measuring thing and pour in a gallon pitcher of warm water. never had any problems. always keep some handy in a spray bottle as well.
  22. do you have an amazon prime account? i would order some star san and you would probably have it in hand in 2 days.
  23. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01CRKWD8M/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 this and a decent volume kettle and you're all set!
  24. i wouldn't overthink it. get some brewing software and try it multiple times using different base malts if you want. you can also e-mail Briess. they will probably help you with the conversion. or, ask your LHBS. mine would tell me to just use 2 row as a base malt.
  25. i'll attempt to answer. according to your "lazy" conversion chart, 5 lbs grains=3 lbs DME. 1st know that that is very general. I would buy/download brewing software like Beersmith 3. Plug in 5 lbs of base malt (2 row) and .25 lb each of crystal 60L and carapils. Then add in the hop schedule and yeast...etc. Beersmith will tell you what the expected ABV etc...should be. This makes a lot of assumptions though. You need to know the efficiency of your equipment and process. I would probably look at BIAB set up. I'm still learning what my efficiency is and it varies from batch to batch b/c i'm a newbie. With the software, you can bump up the ABV etc...and it will increase/decrease your grain bill for you. I watched a ton of BIAB videos on youtube. still do. I've probably watched this video about 10 times and even built a cooler mash tun that i think is pretty awesome. he has some other good vids as well. IMHO.
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