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  1. I am so glad that you like it. I just dry hopped my 3rd LBK batch of it today. excellent brew and simple to make. one note, the hops do fade over time. my plan is to always have a batch fermenting or conditioning along side MRB and other batches.
  2. good question D. while i'm cooling the wort, i just lift it out and hold it over the kettle. the mesh is pretty fine, so i just kind of roll it around horizontally until most of the liquid drains out. after that, i just turn it upside down in the sink and rinse it out. super easy to clean. used it 4 or 5 batches and it's worked great.
  3. i use a hop spider during the boil. this retains a ton of the hop sludge. other batches, i don't worry about it. just pour it all into the fermenter and it goes to the bottom during the cold crash i think.
  4. Nick, that is a lot of brewing my friend. congrats. with the time invested in brewing and waiting and waiting, i'm into risk reduction in areas i can control. i bought a case of 22 oz glass bombers recently and will use 1/2 of them on my next batch shortly and the other 1/2 12 oz. just to shake things up.
  5. nothing against PET bottles, but they have failed me several times....leaks, flat beer....etc. Glass bottles have always been great. i feel like they provide the best seal. bottle washing is a little work, but i really don't mind doing it. i wash around 50 at a time and hang them on my bottle tree. i have a bench capper which will cap just about any size bottle. i've bought a few cases of glass bottles before, but now i buy commercial beer like sam adams...etc. and reuse the bottles if i need more.
  6. you'll like the THIPA. it's a good one. you don't need anything fancy to brew with Mr. Beer. The only upgrade that is commonly recommended here is a cooler to put the LBK in with some frozen water bottles for temp control. i would also recommend a thermometer with a probe. i got one on amazon for $10. good luck and let us know how it turns out!
  7. Jdub

    Hop Storage

    thanks. i don't have a vacuum sealer, but i'm thinking i need to get one soon. thanks for the tips.
  8. Jdub

    Hop Storage

    Anyone have an opinion on how to store hops? i buy 1 oz packs from my LHBS or from Mr. Beer. I have lots of leftovers. My LHBS keeps them in a freezer. Should I be freezing them or fridging them? next use date unknown. Whenever I need some hops, i guess.
  9. bartender, i'll have a warm schaeffer light in a dirty glass please.....
  10. i'm not very technical. when i want a beer, i open my cabinet, find the nearest glass i'm in the mood for and say that'll do!
  11. good job doc....keep it going!
  12. whenever i visit a new brewery or distillery, i almost always try to buy a glass or two with their logo. my favorite is the pint glass with the bubble on it. like the pic below. but i have all kinds, stems, whiskey glasses, pints, pilsners....etc.
  13. you have more discipline than i do. i can't wait that long. LOL. although this time of year for me it's challenging to find the right temp in the house for carbing.
  14. how long till you sample? i always try one at 3 weeks and see if it's carbed enough.
  15. i don't know why you couldn't do that. there is some information out there about grains/water ratio for a proper mash. i can't quote what that is, but someone on here knows that. What i do know is that you could get an inexpensive and bigger brew kettle pretty easily. i was using a walmart special 16 qt kettle for quite a while for 2 gal batches, and recently got a 5.5 gal kettle for christmas for larger batches (not walmart). edit: read somewhere 1.5 quarts/1 lb of grain.
  16. to do it the MRB way, you would steep your grains at ~152 deg for 30 min. then bring to a boil, and remove from heat. then add can of HME, honey and hops sack, stir up and throw it into the LBK and top off with water according to instructions. MRB experts may have a different take, but that's the way i understand it.
  17. welcome. i think the single best piece of equipment i bought when starting was a coleman cooler and a thermometer with a probe. my 1st few batches fermented too warm and was ugly. that allowed me to use frozen water bottles to regulate the temp and held it well. that's scratching the surface, but that made a big difference. brew on brother!
  18. Welcome.....check out the Horse's Ass Ale recipe. Not to duplicate it, but for the instructions. it's a recipe that uses honey and CAL HME. Might help with the instructions and order of operations. just before everything, steep the grains for 30 min at ~152 deg and see what happens. free advice from JDub. https://www.mrbeer.com/horse-s-ass-ale-recipe
  19. as far as i know, he only knows that i live in TX and it's a big state! although, @RickBeer may have his sources.....
  20. hey, i was totally joking and @RickBeer never even flinched. i was looking both ways when i left my office the last few days....LOL. the door was wide open and i couldn't help but walk through it.
  21. i would look at one of the craft refills, like Northwest Pale Ale, or Long Play IPA. Those are good ones. By the way, partial mash recipes are very simple. if you can make tea by steeping a tea bag in hot water, you can do a PM. Adds flavor, body, maybe ABV....etc.
  22. it's at the bottom of almost every MRB recipe online description. I would suggest that you do some reading.
  23. here's one that @Fire Rooster posted recently edit: just buy your ingredients from MR Beer or your local HBS, not from the evil empire. LOL
  24. lol....in the past i went commando with the boil additions and then hop sacks for the dry hop. i now have a hop spider that i think is great. brewed a batch this weekend (pliny clone) and when i dumped out the spider into my sink while cooling my wort, i swear there was a couple of lbs of hop gunk in there that didn't go into my fermenter. 10 lbs of grain? wow. ya i've just done the 2 gallon PM recipe 2x with dme, grains and hops. bout to brew it again. for this recipe i favor the small batch b/c it's just me drinking it and the hops fade over time, but delicious! brew on. hey what size mini fridge did you get to fit your 3.5 gal ss brew bucket in? 4.4 no freezer? i'm in the market.
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