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  1. That makes all the sense now! I’ve been getting some trub in some of my bottles and in others none. Thanks so much!!
  2. I’m nowhere near ready for a non Mr. Beer kit; currently have a Bewitched kit in the keg. In my other beers I’ve made I’ll typically have 2 bottles at a time and a batch would last about two months. Rick, I know you say the flavor shouldn’t be different but it has been different in the past even amongst those two bottles I would have. I’ve brewed 6 batches so far and it’s been 50/50 on flavors....any thoughts as to why? I’m open to suggestions. Thanks for the heads up on the growlers and future info!
  3. Sorry if wrong spot. First time here. Have had issues with 500ml bottles being inconsistent in beer taste. Sanitized per instructions but still taste was off. My solution is when I bottle, use 64 oz growlers instead of 500 ml. Thought process is, it will help make it consistent; 2-3 bottles as opposed to 12-16 individual flavored bottles.....follow up to that, if I did the growlers, is there a way to let it sit for a couple weeks then split the growlers up into smaller bottles without losing taste/carbonation? Thanks!
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