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  1. https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/cocoa-powder-nutrition-benefits Good beer and dark chocolate are also enjoyed. I enjoy beer before dinner and during, would be up alI-night having chocolate anything. Speaking of cocoa, can't wait until this is released-
  2. Thanks , I know that you would use 1/2 the amount of cryo vs pellet. The cryo hops are much more expensive, but not if you factor that you use 1/2. I think 175 degrees whirlpool was for pellet, and 120 was for cryo.
  3. In case you have extra figs https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2011/11/grilling-figs-stuffed-with-goat-cheese-recipe.html
  4. @Jdub@RickBeer Gonna try cryo hop whirlpool @ 120 degrees, that may give an acceptable level of hoppyness.
  5. Third all grain brew was first SMaSH recipe, first time using pale ale malt, and first time mashing correctly at 151. Beers malt is tasty, beer itself is very crisp and clean, but lacks a notable hop presence. This batch was 4 pounds grain for 2 gallons, prior two were 5 1/2 pounds grain per 2 gallons, ABV too high on those. Slowly getting away from ever opening the fermenter, don't like dry hopping, and will also try that cryo whirlpool at 120. I would like a set it and forget it fermenter, and will do any extra processes to make that happen. side note, using 22 oz glass bottles, and saving three bottles per batch to age.
  6. https://www.yakimachief.com/homebrewing-with-cryo-hops/
  7. Yea I saw that I think it was suppose to read, Meat, Refrigerator, Pool, Oven
  8. https://www.amazon.com/Etekcity-Lasergrip-774-Non-contact-Thermometer/dp/B00837ZGRY/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=Non-contact+Digital+Laser+Infrared+Thermometer&qid=1553938702&s=gateway&sr=8-3 This is the one I use, works great, and very accurate. It makes no sense to use anything else. I use it exactly how @MiniYoda uses it. Double checked accuracy with a digital meat thermometer probe for grain mash temp, and it's spot on. When checked against an old dial type I see used here, the dial type thermometer was 20 degrees off.
  9. http://beersmith.com/blog/2010/08/17/aluminum-vs-stainless-best-beer-brewing-pots/ https://www.google.com/amp/s/beerandbrewing.com/amp/off-flavor-of-the-week-metallic
  10. FYI https://learn.kegerator.com/single-malt-brewing/
  11. Inserted data for 5 gallon recipe into a spreadsheet, then calculated for any size. Once I learn the variables/data-sets, I will become a Beersmith.
  12. https://learn.kegerator.com/recipe-cascade-smash-pale-ale/ Using Nottingham yeast instead. This yeast seems to be the perfect ale yeast for my basement environment. Checked two All Grain LBK's yesterday and both were 57 degrees.
  13. @Cato Thanks, already thought of that. There's a basement window close by, and with a fan it should work. For now sticking with and learning All Grain. Using a 16 qt (4 Gallon) pot, which is the largest feasibly possible in kitchen. Researching possible setups for larger batches, which will require other equipment/processes. Only using Malt, Hops, Water & Yeast for beer. Goal is to brew what I call "Nectar of the Gods", and if/when that happens, larger batches will follow.
  14. Thanks. @Cato@Creeps McLane Walmart SS pot isn't magnetic, magnet would not stick to it. It was discovered while researching online that there is magnetic, and non-magnetic SS. Basement has a 240V 20A outlet, and also a sink. However, wouldn't pump that much water into septic system. Maybe ice water in sink, and pump & recirculate through that ?
  15. My basement has both 120 & 220. Previous owner of home was tool & die maker. Tons of 120 & 220 outlets in garage & basement. Not sure if my cheap SS Walmart pot is induction capable. And exactly what does induction capable mean anyway ?
  16. Clips for grain bag, good idea. What wattage is your induction burner ? How do you chill your wort ? Thanks
  17. Gas burner in the basement is not feasible. Is there an electric, Induction or Infra-Red burner that can be used ? Does anyone have one ? Use one ?
  18. First time using 16qt pot with full volume boil and hop schedule. Used 2qt water for 8oz grain steep for 25 minutes. Used all the stuff I've learned online, and from you guys/gals, so much to know. Process is getting more involved, attention to details. First test batch using Nottingham yeast. Will ferment a little over 3 weeks at 59 degrees in basement. Getting ready for first all grain mid next week. Picture is citra hops awaiting their fate.
  19. https://www.amazon.com/Ultimate-Pint-Enjoyment-Exclusive-Nucleation/dp/B01MT9RIFZ/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=be+hoppy&qid=1549631170&sr=8-1 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0748KW4JD/ref=sspa_dk_hqp_detail_aax_0?psc=1
  20. Calculating boil off rate, and grain absorption, is to end up with whole volume being brewed. What would be the benefit ? Instead of adding more water to volume before fermenting.
  21. Not sure yet, maybe. I may be able to do a 4-5 gallon batch with it, and add water later to volume like the Mr Beer kits. Currently I'm venturing into uncharted territory and only doing 2 gallon test batches. Testing various methods, yeasts. grains, and hops to see what works for me before rolling out to larger batches.
  22. Good stuff, thanks everyone. Happen to be at Walmart today and picked this up as suggested. $11.94
  23. Great, thanks all, good stuff. Going to slowly ease into it, but "All Grain" here I come.
  24. Was it just for the color ? Or, pale malt DP of 85, and 2 row malt DP of 140, averages to a diastatic power of 112. Was this taken into consideration at all ? Thanks
  25. Thanks. I am misunderstood with base malt , probably because I asked poorly. 99% Base Malt is listed for Briess Golden Light DME. http://www.brewingwithbriess.com/Assets/PDFs/Briess_PISB_CBWGoldenLightDME.pdf Which base malt are they referring to ? Thank You
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