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  1. Wheat adds to head retention and some beers with certain ingredients and yeast can produce more carbonation/head than others. Adjust your pour by tilting the glass and slowly pouring down the side. I've had saisons and other brews that occasionally produce way more head than expected but the beer was fine. Also try letting the opened beer rest for a minute or so before pouring which might help dissipate some CO2
  2. Since it's been too chilly recently to work in my woodshop in the garage, and forecast to still be too cold to do so, I think Garagewerks Brewery is going ramp up to brew my clone of Hopulation by Titletown Brewery. Have to order some hops today as I don't have quite enough for a 5 gal batch.
  3. Brew day tomorrow! Water additions weighed out, grains crushed, kettle cleaned and filled, controller programmed, and set to go for Thursday morning. Lol, couldn't figure out at first why my grain mill wasn't crushing the grains. Turned out my Golden Promise kernels were too fat for the roller gap. Once I mixed in some of my Briess 2 row, and my other grain additions in with it they crushed just fine. I have some hops to use up so it's going to be an IPA with Warrior for bittering, 15 minute addition of Citra and Idaho7, then whirlpool additions after flameout of Galaxy, Mosaic, and El Dorado. IBU's show around 79, and ABV should be about 6.3%. 5lb each of Golden Promise and Briess 2 row, 1lb. Munich, 1/2 lbs each of C-40 and wheat. It'll be my last brew day for 2020.
  4. Hop shipment today, so now just need to flesh out the recipe. Will be a Pale Ale most likely with some nice aroma whirlpool additions of Galaxy, El Dorado, and some Amarillo and a little Citra.
  5. Hmm, a Scharwzbier would be interesting. I had the authentic when I was in Germany a few years back.
  6. Not sure what I want to tackle for my next brew. My inventory of specialty grains and wheat were okay, but needed some staple base malts which were pretty depleted. Coming in tomorrow are 2lb C-40, 3lb Munich, 5lb Briess 2 row, 10lb Golden Promise, 5 lb Pilsen. Bottling a Northwest IPA style at the end of the week, so kinda leaning towards a Golden Ale but need to check my hops inventory and likely that will point me in the right direction.
  7. For my next Pale or IPA, next in line after my Altbier.
  8. I've brewed twice using the @Jdub method and start off using ground water thru my chiller while whirpooling my hops and then switch to the ice bags and that'll bring it down to pitch temps. Works great even in our summer heat. However, I have avoided brewing cause its not much fun this time of year, but I'm going to brew a batch of Altbier next week as my Octoberfest brew.
  9. So 3 beers into the evening while grilling a flank steak, I thought its going to rain and be cooler tomorrow so you should brew! Good idea, except you've had 3 brews and now you're weighing grains and brewing salts, hooking up pump and controller stuff. Brewing a hoppy Wit to have a change of pace from pale ales. Crap, I'm whipped from golf and heat, and hope my hasty prep will do for a morning brew session. Think I'll add some extra coffee for the morning session. Hitting the rack now.
  10. Thats some good ammo to work with!
  11. Indeed! I'd never heard of the style until @Bonsai & Brew , and now it's really my fav amber to brew.
  12. I've never used the K-97 before but do have some as backup for my Wyeast 1007. I ferment my Alts at 61-62 range. Since I bottle I dont know about the keg stuff, but I find they're great to drink two weeks after bottling. My favorite recipe is Maris, Munich, Pils, pale chocolate, Carafa II, and CaraAmber. However, the Dusseldorf recipe on Briess Malting is very very good and probably the more traditional recipe. For variation I'll make that recipe next time. No matter which, its a great beer style and every variation I've made got great comments from friends that tried it. I think it'll be a regular in your queue rotation @Jdub!
  13. I used a 3 piece airlock for the first time recently on my Night Moves PA and it worked great. I hadn't cold crashed in sometime due to suckback from the blowoff jar. This time I did cold crash as I had a big dry hop and a bit of wheat in my recipe. The airlock did suck back a little of the vodka, but it was a miniscule amount and I left the airlock in place when i bottled and I was very pleased how that went as well. I would only go back to a blowoff jar if I maxed the fermenter capacity and expected some krausen overflow.
  14. @Bonsai & Brew I've become a big fan of Mangrove Jack especially their M44 West Coast yeast. Fermentis has always been reliable and I can't leave out Nottingham, which has always been a great performer.
  15. I've had pretty good luck with them but have only ever used their 1007 for my Alts. My supplier sends them with a freeze pack. I had one dud that arrived warm but the others have been fine. I have 2 in the fridge now, both 1007 and will use one for an Alt and the other for a Wit.
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