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  1. Oh yeah, forgot to answer about the foam leftover from krausen, totally normal. Remember to prop up the front of the LBK in the fridge and give it a good 3 days so that the trub will compact nicely and settle away from the spigot.
  2. I usually cold crash mine after at least 18 days at a minimum. You can read up on cold crashing on here, but I've bottled with and without cold crashing, and I get a better yield and cleaner beer cold crashing. Rickbeer may chime in here but the read on his cold crashing and propping up your LBK is spot on!
  3. I use the same and it really gets way more than the pos I first used, but that tip on a cup of hot water swirled in the can is a good one!
  4. Welcome to the hobby and to the forum. Lots of good tips and helpful info on here that will really improve your brewing skills. Read all you can!
  5. I remember seeing a cooler jacket for one of the conical style fermenter but not sure whether you're is a bucket or conical style. Whatever the style you can be sure others must use it too, and have to temp control it.
  6. My bad @Dunkindog ! I misunderstood and now reading your replies concerning your current cooler, you must have meant a dedicated electric type of beverage cooler for your other fermenter that won't fit in a camping style cooler? If so, its likely that you should measure that fermenter and see if it would fit in an inexpensive dorm fridge or small chest freezer. Those can be controlled with an inkbird. They sell them here on the MB site or Amazon carries a number of different controllers. I'm using two coolers right now for my LBKs, but considering getting that exact set up and putting it in my garage workshop. No ice bottles to monitor and change and you can go out of town without worrying about temps during krausen! Many here use that set up and I'm sorry if I misunderstood your post. LOL, I though maybe you just had your LBK sitting in a closet and no other way of controlling the temp on it, so my bad!!
  7. Ah, thanks Rick! I didn't know that it couldn't do FG, so for as few times as its needed, one tool is enough for me.
  8. Is there much accuracy difference between a refractometer and hydrometer? I've used them before in a different application but the idea of taking such a small sampling vs the hydrometer tube is certainly appealing.
  9. There you go! Just a sentence or two in the OEM instructions regarding temp control might have saved a lot of batches and retained some brewers IMO. Now, there's plenty of posts regarding cleaning and sanitation that are worth reading to see if you spot any weak points in your process. Lol, I just got back from HD with two more covered plastic totes to store carbing/conditioning bottles.
  10. Wort temp rises above ambient during that first week of high krausen, so whether in a cooler with a 16oz frozen bottle and thermo probe taped below the wort line or in a dedicated fridge with inkbird controller, most on here will shoot to maintain wort temp of 65F. My Coleman extreme camping cooler, with above setup will hold 64F for 12-15 hrs with one full frozen bottle that first week, second week after high krausen is done I drop back to 1/2 a frozen bottle and maintain same temp. My US-05 yeast works very well at those temps and doesn't get stressed. Stressed yeast can produce off flavors.
  11. Thanks, Nick, I've got an NWPA about to cold crash, and Santa Catalina Pale Ale next up. Between the craft IPA's and a pale ale build where I get to control the hops, I'll figure out what I like the best. Lol, hedging my tasting experiment with LBK #2 with darks and ambers!
  12. I've added a Diablo IPA to my queue which might very likely push my limits on hoppiness and bitterness, but I'm going to give it a shot brewed straight up in an effort to expand my taste profiles a bit from just balanced and malty, lol, my safe zone. If I find that I can handle the hops in this recipe but it's too bitter for my liking, would adding an LME, or malt grains for some sweetness help counteract the bitterness?
  13. Lol, @SilverBrewerWI, at least you had an antenna on the house. We had rabbit ears, but fancy ones with the rotary knob in the center! I used to hate that target screen that displayed until the networks started up in the morning. B&W back in those days and I think the networks ran from 6am-12am.
  14. Nice, that one or Abbey Dubbel will come up in my queue in a week.
  15. Lol, plus one on the log book! I keep mine in Excel and find that works great for not only the recipe but inserting my comments and notes on OG, FG, yield, temps, etc.
  16. Cool, @D Kristof! I'm a fan of smoky flavors so will be interesting for me to explore this beer style. Pic taken at a small family cafe in Boblingen. I bet you recognize the beer!
  17. It's called a muslin sack and you can get them on here from MB or from your local homebrew store. Always good to have several extras on hand as many recipes call for hop additions. Don't forget to sanitize the sack before you put the hops in!
  18. I thought it was good, especially since it was the only dark beer I ran across while there!
  19. Think I will try this one http://www.totalwine.com/beer/lager/rauchbier/aecht-schlenkerla-rauchbier-urbock/p/97748183?s=210&igrules=true Lol, I know I have a long way to go as a brewer but in the meantime it's very cool to be exposed to styles of beer I'd never heard of like saisons, and now Rauchbier! I can go buy them and see if it's something I like and want to try and brew one of these days!
  20. @D Kristof @Swencoha after reading your two posts and with the use of Google, I found just 4 miles from me our specialty wine and beer shop called Total Wine sells 500ml bottles of 3 different brews of Rauchbier, $6 per bottle, but I'm game to try one! From their web page- Deriving its name from “rauch,” the German word for “smoke,” Rauchbiers are German lagers brewed with malts kilned over smoke – most often from beech wood, although different beers may exhibit aromas and flavors from other woods, such as oak. Brewers add the smoked malt to a base beer, usually a Märzen, which largely determines the color and strength of the final product. Other Rauchbier versions include base beers of Bock styles, Weizens, Schwarzbiers and more. These smoked beers are generally complex, and the level of smokiness can vary, with aromas and flavors often suggesting bacon and wood. Rauchbier’s Noble hops balance toasty malt sweetness for a clean taste and look with a dry finish. Characteristics: Malty, smoky, toasty, smooth, medium-bodied ABV range: 4.6-8% IBU: 18-33 Popular Rauchbier-style beer brands: Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Märzen, Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Urbock, Aecht Schlenkerla Eiche Oak Smoke, Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Weizen Serving Temperature: Cool, 46-54° Cheese Pairing Ideas: Blue cheeses, aged Cheddars, Monterey Jack Food Pairing Ideas: Barbecue, sausages, cured meats
  21. Lol, Creeps, I won't even pretend to understand the brew you are concocting, but I can tell you are excited about it so that's cool. I've seen the photos of that complicated looking conical and hmm, mash tun that you have. You going to transport all that stuff outside or just the brewpot? Lol, probably really stupid questions from a guy that for brew day uses 1 6qt pot, an LBK, extracts, hops, and a packet of yeast and brew day lasts about an hour!
  22. Never had any Rauchbier, when I visited Stuttgart a couple years back, but did really like what I guess would be Schwarzbier, though the region I was in the dark beer that I had came in a flip top bottle and they called it Schwabenbrau. Couple of those would make your feet wobble!
  23. @Fire Rooster back to your original post. I have a NWPA in the fermenter, that has a cup of honey, falconers flight hops, and pitched with Belle Saison yeast. That yeast has been voracious and produced a very active high krausen. Will let you know how it turns out. Bottling it around April 9th, and will be real interested in the FG reading!
  24. Sherman, turn on the way back machine!
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