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  1. PETS are nice, but expensive! I have a couple boxes but building up a supply of single serving 12oz glass bottles.
  2. Made good use of this sale and ordered some accessories and refills. Brewing thermometer for my first partial, Calavera Spiced Chile Stout, and the Abbey Dubbel recipe. Also added some yeast, hop sacks, and hops. With free shipping this was a timely sale offer for me!
  3. Have Rockets in my LBK now and boy it smells great. Two more weeks to go before cold crash and bottling.
  4. @Bonsai & Brew how many ice bottles does it take to keep your Coleman at lager temps?
  5. Welcome to the forum and the hobby! Kudos to checking in here first before starting your first brew! What they said above is so true and please do read on the importance of temperature control, and sanitation, and feel free to ask questions. I just started this in Feb, and unfortunately did not find this treasure trove of a forum before I had brewed two batches and though I followed the instructions to the letter that wasn't enough! For sure the first one fermented a bit too warm that first crucial week and I got green apple flavored Oktoberfest. My second, Bewitched, has been conditioning for a month and untried at this point. Batches 3-5 though are another story altogether thanks to my new friends and their advice on temp control, procedures, yeast selection, bottling, and me poring over everything I could find on here to brew a better beer.
  6. Hehe, I'm guessing you expect a high attenuation from this aggressive yeast? I know I do as it's still sporting a nice thick layer of krausen. Yeah, FG will be interesting. ABV wise, I was guessing this to finish close to 6, but that could increase if I get down to 1.010 or so. Lol, at that it won't be a session beer for me!
  7. After observing the high krausen of my batch, my plan is to follow your recommendation and go with half the MB priming. I have a carton of 16.9 oz swing top bottles that I'll prime with a sugar dot, 1/2 tsp, I'll also use at least one PET bottle primed with 1 tsp sugar so I can squeeze monitor. Lol, all will condition in a covered plastic bin.
  8. Thanks Josh, I just brewed Rockets Red Glare yesterday with Cascade hops, so without going mad scientist, wanted to get a little different flavor profile by using the Mosaic.
  9. Looking to make use of some ingredients I have on the shelf, and found the recipe for Santa Catalina Pale Ale. Base HME's are CAL and American Ale, which I have, but I don't have the Cascade hops and was wondering if I could substitute Mosaic instead?? So far I have made my recipes straight up, and enjoying making them with different hops to see how they influence the flavor. I like the description of Mosaic, better than the grapefruit one of Cascade and Mosaic sounds like it is complimentary to Pale Ales, but don't want to ruin the recipe if Cascade is a must have ingredient.
  10. @dillweed, You found the right place on this forum, so don't give up. What the others have said about temp control is huge towards turning things around! My third batch, I just bottled last weekend, is turning out great! I kept the LBK in my Coleman with an ice bottle, and it would keep the temp at 64F for 12-15 hrs. I was able to maintain that after high krausen ended with just a half an ice bottle. For my third week I didn't really need the ice bottles as it was maintaining 65F on its own in the room the cooler was in. I taped a folded dish towel to the back of my LBK and slipped the end of my temp probe down between them to below the wort line. I also used US-05 yeast, as some on here seem to like that as a "go to" yeast.
  11. Enjoyed watching the live stream. Not sure how to enter the chat room though, as I tuned in a little late.
  12. No, not fear, lol, I've already brewed my worst fear with my first batch, green apple Oktoberfest! But your recipe said not to let it get over 77, and I'm pretty sure whether I read it here or in Palmers that in high krausen there could be 6-8 and up to 10 degree increase over ambient. Wort temp showing steady 67 right now and I'm feeling okay in that range.
  13. @BDawg62 and @Creeps McLane, nervous Nelly about temp rise in high krausen! Guess I'm figuring with the honey in addition to the hme, and yeah cautious, not having used saison before, I figured that I could get a 10 degree swing in wort temp. Lack of experience makes me want to err on side of caution. WARNING, DANGER, WILL ROBINSON !
  14. Lol, you are right but still a bit nervous about how much the temp rises during high krausen! I know I'll be perving this one for a few days.
  15. @Creeps McLane , well ran behind by about a week because of the appendicitis surgery, but this recipe was brewed this morning and now in the LBK. I did use the honey and pitched the Belle Saison yeast at wort temp of 70F. OG was 1.060 and got it in a large cooler with a towel under it and a half bottle of frozen water at the opposite end. Would like to have that temp a little bit lower for the first 3 days or so. Hops I used were 1/2 oz. of Falconers Flight.
  16. Yes, did have it propped up and only tilted for last couple. Pic shows the hop sack in the trub and it has slid forward just a bit. No biggie, I'll either add another day of cold crashing or maybe I should consider the hop sack gained some weight and I should have removed it. Lol, very likely I need to just bottle and cap faster!
  17. Bottled in glass yesterday for first time. With the capping it took longer than filling the PET bottles. Tilting the LBK for the last bottle I could see the change in color in the bottling wand right as I got to the end, so marked that one for trub. I cold crashed for 3 days, but was stopping and capping every 6 bottles. I'm thinking that extra time allowed the trub to soften and slide forward. Should or do you fill all your bottles first to avoid this, and then cap them?
  18. Hehe, new acronym, ASYVET.
  19. I use a bit of twist push motion and it seats fairly securely. I have not had it block any flow. Its a simple yet very effective tool.
  20. Excellent, thanks Creeps!
  21. Creeps McLane, for the recipe above would either Mosiac or Willamete, work instead of Falconers? I do have a half oz of Falconers, but its the dry hop part of my Witch's Flight recipe that's in its second week in the LBK. The Witch's is my first batch with hops, so not familiar which ones work best for pales vs ambers. On deck I have Rocket's Red Glare with Cascade hops, and your recipe. I could either go without adding the hops or using one of the two that I have coming tomorrow from Maryland Brewing. I bought them just because the descriptions sounded like they could be fairly versatile.
  22. Lol, I woke up the morning after brewing and remembered I hadn't sanitized my spigot after getting my OG sample. I mixed a pint of sanitizer and sanitized a squeeze bottle and top and squirted it up in the spigot, then swabbed the inside with a cue tip and gave it another rinse.
  23. Got it! Will use 1/2 tsp per 12 oz bottle and use one PET bottle for monitor, condition in a covered bin.
  24. Nice, thanks Shrike, I was thinking it would give it a bump and maybe adding the whole packet of saison yeast would be called for. Also really happy so far with my Witch's Flight! Been holding steady at 64F in the cooler and still happily bubbling away, though I would think after today the krausen should start to subside. Used the US-05 yeast and man it smells so good whenever I change out the ice bottle!
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