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  1. Thanks to Jdub and all for this thread. I too may have fermented my first two batches a little warm as I was at 67-68 ambient during high krausen and did not know any better at the time. However, whatever happens with those I'll chalk up to learning curve and revamp for my third batch, Witch's Flight. The standard Oktoberfest refill can with no boosters is my first and has been conditioning for 3 weeks so going to pop a sampler in the fridge to see what I have done to myself. Second batch has been fermenting for 3 weeks and is close to bottling this weekend, Bewitched Amber and crossed fingers on that as well. Have a cooler, temp probe, and water bottles to go with the Witch's Flight and that should give me more temp control, LOL, as I really had none in my ignorance.
  2. Live and learn. Until joining the forum and being a clueless newb, I didn't know that the high krausen generated that much heat diff over ambient. Lol, ignorance is bliss short-lived. So I'm two batches in and nothing to be done but correct for the upcoming third. I'll definitely have to look at getting a small fridge or freezer with an inkbird before long. However, my next batch the lbk will go in my cooler with an ice bottle and temp probe. Ambient is 68 in the upstairs, so shouldn't take too much to drop it 3-4 degrees.
  3. Thanks Rickbeer. I'll have to take a magic marker and mark that level after I bottle next weekend.
  4. Thanks so much for the info and reply Shrike. My LBK just has the 2 marks one for the one gal. and 2gal. mark and was unsure if there was an older design LBK and recipes that called for 8.5 quarts instead of 2 gal. Wondering if calling for 8.5 quarts instead of 8 is because my Bewitched can is bigger than say the light beer can that came with the kit. Well, I peeked at my LBK that currently has Bewitched Amber in it and I had only filled to the 2 gallon mark and that recipe calls for 8.5 quarts. Not sure how this will effect the final outcome, but is what it is now. Newbie mistake!!! Hopefully not too disastrous but time will tell. Learning curves
  5. Tried searching the forum first before asking about Witch's Flight recipe. I got my ingredients today and put the hops, LME, and Safale US-05 yeast in the fridge until needed. I noticed the Safale yeast has 11.6 grams. Wanted to confirm that I should only should need 1/2 the packet for my 2 gal. LBK? Also will pester with one other question. Some recipes like this one call for filling to 8.5 quart mark on the LBK. Do I add that additional quart ?
  6. Thanks for the replies on my posting question. Glad to know that part of my batches creation was okay. I'm in the baby steps of this and very curious to see how I did on the two batches in the works. First one is Oktoberfest that came with the kit, and it's in bottle conditioning. Second one is Bewitched Amber With an LME smooth, and it's fermenting in the LBK.
  7. Hi all, I'm new to brewing and working with a Mr beer kit. I have been reading John Palmers, How to Brew book and in reading about yeast he describes how to rehydrate your yeast before pitching. I have been sprinkling mine on top of the wort in the LBK and then closing it up for 3 weeks. Do you rehydrate your yeast before pitching?
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