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  1. 1 hour ago, Big Sarge said:

    So there I was, extremely bored at work today. I decided to do a deep dive into researching my water here in wonderful Oklahoma. This was the best I came up with. I've merely scratched the surface on messing with water profiles and the calculators are mandarin to me. 

    What do I think? I should dilute with distilled water. Am I right? I defer to the experts. I'm not asking you to do work for me, just trying to make sense of this. I don't foresee my back 40 town producing a real time water profile for me, so I figured I'd seek advice before trying to dig deeper. 


    I'm no expert either but I let Beer Smith do the calcs for me. I had been using Deer Park Spring water as it was in their database, but recently started using the Virginia Beach water after I put in their water profile.

    I do use a ph meter though to check the water ph and then the mash ph to make sure I'm adjusting correctly.

  2. Ordered some grains and yeast today after finalizing my recipe for "Wiscohops."

    I ordered from MHBS this morning and they shipped this afternoon and will be delivered tomorrow afternoon!

    @Creeps McLane I did drop the wheat from my recipe and tweaked the hops and SRM in BS a tad.

    I know it's likely to be a bit or a lot different from "Hopulation", but that's okay. It'll still be a Pale Ale and a fun recipe.

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  3. 2 hours ago, Creeps McLane said:

    Oh man. First of all, hells yeah. But before you brew it, let me tell you a little about this beer. 

    no wheat

    no crystal


    its clear as clear could be and also pretty pale. Maybe a slight crystal. Man I dont know. Man oh man. I could literally hop in my car and ask mr oldenburg for the recipe. I went to school with his brother mike who i could also shoot a message to... 


    you ever had this beer before @Cato?


    Lol, no. In fact I mostly brew what I can't buy. If I could buy it I'd probably lose my motivation to brew it.



  4. Next up yet another Pale Ale. "WiscoHop", which will be my winged version of Titletown Hopulation. My only clue is the hops they use. El Dorado, Mosaic, and Strata.


    2 row, Munich, C40, and wheat. IBU shooting for 40 and ABV 5.7%. Might include a little bit of Briess aromatic malt, but still kicking that around.

    I haven't been dry hopping that much and whirlpooling my aroma additions, and that's likely the way I'll go with this one.

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  5. On 11/15/2019 at 9:03 PM, Cammanron said:

    I have never seen domino dots here in Canada.... Regular sugar cubes are too big to fit in the bottles

    Here ya go. Available in Canada online. These are like domino sugar dots 1/2 tsp.

    Lantic Sugar Cubes, White, 500g. > Cleaning & Breakroom. > Breakroom Supplies. > Coffee & Tea Supplies. > Cream, Sugar & Sweeteners. > Lantic Sugar Cubes, White, 500g.
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  6. 7 hours ago, Stevo0083 said:

    Any yeast suggestion?

    I haven't made it but from another forum the Wyeast 1332 West Coast yeast has given the best results. Your S-05, if you were going to use something on hand would be my choice if that's what I was limited too.

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  7. 1 hour ago, RickBeer said:


    I have made this a few times, but I have never purchased anything from Northern Brewer.  MooseDrool is what everyone is copying, by Montana's Big Sky Brewing.  You can find clone recipes online.

    Big beer doesn't own NB anymore.

  8. 4 hours ago, Cammanron said:

    The thing is, they say one thing, and the picture is another....

    ie. "Includes:

    • 1 can of Diablo IPA HME
    • 1 packet of dry brewing yeast (under lid of HME)
    • 1 packet of no-rinse cleanser"
    • ...however picture shows carb drops AND comes with carb drops

    While others show exact same picture, (different HME), says same description.. but DOESN'T Infact come with carb drops.




    I wouldn't worry about the carb drops, just get a box of domino sugar dots and add one per 12oz of beer and you'll be on the money with carbing.

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  9. Pretty much fleshed out in BS, a Dusseldorf Alt which tends to be a bit more bitter than its Northern Grm cousin. I've done both styles and like them. Judges may or may not like me merging a bit of both styles in this recipe, but I don't care, this is for me, but I'll send it to my next comp and see how it fares.


    After that I'm going back to my mini brewbucket and an LBK and brew my Witbier in the mini brew bucket and a Red Ale in the LBK. I've got pretty solid recipes for both in BS and will keep the tweaks to a minimum.


    Those three brews should carry me until after the first of the year and then thinking of trying a Maibock.

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  10. 12 minutes ago, Bonsai & Brew said:

    Just a couple more rests before mash-out:  about 20 min. @ 146 beta rest, then 20 min. @ 158 F for the alpha sacchs.



    I bet you got some sticky dough balls with that! Did you use any rice hulls?  That looks like a lot of work.

  11. 3 minutes ago, Bonsai & Brew said:

    While waiting for the protein rest, this is the perfect time to enjoy a beer.




    Haha, I recognize that Wit! Hope it met with your approval. I'm not a big wheat fan but I can drink Erdlinger Wit, and modeled this brew as close as I could get to theirs.

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  12. 53 minutes ago, Creeps McLane said:

    Well, with a rims, youll need another element. Keep in mind one heat source is for the mash and then youll need one for the boil. So if you just have one induction burner, youll need another element of some kind. I think im up to date on your set up, i dont recall another heat source. If you have the whirlpool port set up then you should be good with that as your return. If youre thinking about my problems with such a temp difference in the mash and wort around my basket, my problem is that my basket has a very find mesh. Its almost like a wall in there. But stirring frequently helps

    youll be fine with just a biab set up and one burner. Youll just have to stir more often at worst. If youre using a brew bag then you should be covered. You dont have an element inside the kettle so you wont get scorching. 

    id just give the new set up a few test runs and then youll know what it can and cant do. 

    Tomorrow I'll be brewing BIAB with an element inside the kettle, not using the induction burner. Once I hit mash temp I'll turn off the element add the bag, then the grains and dough in. I'll manually stir and add heat as needed, though now that I think about it I could clamp the whirlpool hose to the top of the kettle and create a recirculation. Then I could just set the controller at 25-30% power and should get a decent heat distribution throughout the mash.


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  13. Changed the name of my brew tomorrow from Booty Call to "Night Moves", after listening to Bob Seger's tune.


    I'm pretty much going to brew on the new rig the way I have been, just to check out the whole system.


    However, I think that to best take advantage of the features offered by the controller, I'm going to need to drill out the kettle lid and install a spray return, RIMS, so that I'll have a more consistent temp gradient throughout. What think you @Creeps McLane?

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  14. On 10/31/2019 at 4:46 PM, Shrike said:

    I revised mine due to new recipes:

    -  Cinnamon Dulce Stout
    -  Pecan Porter
    -  Thunder Bay IPA
    -  Hidden Lake Amber Ale
    -  Solstice Sipper
    ----Transition to lagers depending on house temps---
    -  Armstrong Dortmunder Export
    -  Helles Bock

    -  ChromosBeer
    -  El Gordito enhanced
    ----Transition back to ales?---
    -  A Galaxy Far IPA
    -  Black Beer'd Porter
    -  Crafty Bitch TBD

    -  WDA TBD

    Well my queue consists of my next PA. However, I have fleshed out the recipe and have a name for it. BOOTY CALL. Heck I even have some label art to go with it. After that well I did buy some NZ hops called Rakau, so another PA at some point will feature those, and a name too. Rakau Rumble.

    My queue for the moment.


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  15. On 4/19/2019 at 8:41 AM, BDawg62 said:

    Administrators you can choose to remove this post if inappropriate



    Here is a recipe for a simple Blueberry Mead that I demonstrated last night for my brew club.


    Note: if you were to ferment this in one of your LBKs, I would probably not use it again for beer since the aroma will be impossible to remove.

    Also, you could substitute any flavor of Knudsen Juice for this recipe. 


    Simple Blueberry Mead


    1 gallon Batch (finished)




    2 – 32oz bottles of Knudsen Blueberry Juice


    4# - Honey (any variety)


    1 – 5gm pkt of Lalvin 71B yeast


    6.25 gm – Go Ferm Protect


    6 gm – Fermaid O (4 additions of 1.5gm at 24hr, 48hr, 72hr and 1/3 sugar break)




    1.  Mix together the juice and honey and mix until honey is completely incorporated


    2.  Top off with water to 1.25 gallon mark


    3.  Rehydrate yeast in 125ml (about 4oz) 95 to 105 degree water with Go Ferm dissolved


    4.  Pitch yeast after rehydration


    5.  For first 7 days, degas every 12 hours to remove excess carbon dioxide


    6.  Add 1.5 gm of Fermaid O per schedule above (use Tosna 2.0 to determine actual requirements) be sure to degas prior to this step, you will make a mess otherwise.


    7.  After approximately 2 to 3 weeks (when gravity is stable) transfer clear mead into a secondary container.


    8.  At transfer add .38gm of Potassium Metabisulfate and 1/2 tsp of Potassium Sorbate


    9.  After another 3 to 4 weeks transfer clear mead to a 1 gallon jug and age for another 1 to 3 months.


    10.  Bottle and then age to your liking.  Mead is ready to drink at bottling but benefits from aging from 6 months to a year.


    Admins? Do we even have Admins anymore? 

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  16. 3 hours ago, Cato said:

    Northern Brewer. It's been bought back from AB.

    Dayum! Just ordered the exotic hops, the cryo hops, and warrior. Good thing I already had plenty of Mosaic and Citra, as the 5 hops probably cost me as much or more than what I would spend total for a batch.


    However, if I do my part it could be a great PA, and I might learn how to better produce one, so I'm all in.


    I'm just shooting to net 4 gal to bottle because I wouldn't be able to drink more than that before serious hop fade occured.


    I'm becoming more used to adding acidulated malt in place of my phosphoric acid, to achieve my target ph.

  17. Saw on High Gravity's site that my new equipment was in shipping, so I figured I'd better come up with a recipe for its first run.


    Should work out okay in my schedule as my Galaxy APA should bottle in the next 10 days.


    I don't normally brew the same style back to back, but as much as I like APA's they are also my weakest style and just haven't felt like I really nailed one yet.


    So I decided to copy a contest winners recipe off of the AHA site, and chose Big Boi's Booty Sweat. Lol, the name could have more appeal but the recipe looks to be really nice, but has a more involved hop schedule than I usually follow. Heck, that could be a big part of my problem IDK.


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  18. On 10/17/2019 at 9:16 PM, Bonsai & Brew said:

    When I receive my free WDA next week, I plan to chuck the MRB yeast and ferment with a fresh alternative Fermentis yeast -- still trying to come up with a Dark Ale recipe that has not been tried yet.

    Him, I've got several WDA cans. Since it's so dark and hoppy, I'm wondering how a PM with some Pils and golden light LME would work out.

  19. I ferment my beers for 18 days typically at 64-65F temperature controlled. I'll either bottle at 18 days or cold crash for an additional 3 days then bottle. Temp control is very important. I use a mini fridge and ink bird now, but when I started out I used a frozen pint of bottled water in a cooler with an LBK to maintain a 64F temp.


    With an LBK you'd want to tape a kitchen sponge to the flat end of the keg and put a temp probe below the waterline to get an accurate reading of the wort temp and not ambient temp as the two can differ considerably during the first  3-5 days of krausen, when the yeast is most active.

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