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  1. Lol, I hear you and I had the same in my first kit. I saved that one for awhile and brewed some other recipes until I got comfortable with the process and was getting some better results. I did find a recipe and a use for it eventually that turned out pretty well, with better flavor and a bit more punch to it.
  2. I still have a couple Churchill's in the pantry. My previous brews with it had a bit of a bitter finish, so I'll have to come up with something sweeter on my next recipe. Lol, plus I'm kinda overstocked with darks right now and struggling to reach for anything with roasted barley.
  3. Welcome, @Grappler. What Rick said. Temperature control is critical for the yeast. Temps can rise above ambient during the first 3-5 days as the yeast, feed heavily, grow, and multiply. Creates some heat. Like Rick said, keeping the temp down, 64-65 range, will reduce the chance of off flavors. Some have a cool room or basement that works. I used a cooler with a frozen pint of water changed out every 12 hours, until I got a dedicated fridge for my fermenters. Ask away if you have questions or need help.
  4. I always go 18 days, and then 3 more days if cold crashing. I always use the blow off tube on my mini bucket and brew bucket @Jdub. Particularly on the mini when you're squeezing close to 3 gal. Doesn't leave much headspace.
  5. Soon they will be here, maybe just as pissed off as I was when I fermented my first batch at 68F on the floor in the closet upstairs. Just in a years time I can think back to so many that came on for a batch or two and then they were gone.
  6. Went through the tutorials today on BS 3 and then built a AG BIAB recipe for an Irish Red and worked it over making changes and scaling it to where I have a fair handle on it. I like the program already, even though I'm on the 21 day trial, I'll spring for the subscription. After reviewing the water changes to get from my source water profile to my chosen target profile, I figured I might as well go all in and get a ph meter, otherwise how would I really be able to quantify a couple points up or down? Of course, I realize this is likely to debunk my magic 5.2 stabilizer @Creeps McLane! 🙄
  7. Done! Set up a profile for both kettles and fermenters. I'll run a recipe through it for my next batch and see how it settles out. Fortunately they had my Deer Park water in the profile base.
  8. Desktop! Mobile versions of most software are slimmed down. Plus I prefer a bigger view when filling out info blocks.
  9. Downloaded Beersmith 3 today. I've gotten pretty used to Qbrew but time to check out some other software.
  10. Just stocked up on grains that will see me through my next couple AG brews and several MB partial mash's. @RickBeer supported your LBHS, AIH since they had grains and hops on sale! They carry some grains that my normal supplier doesn't and a much larger hops selection.
  11. Why not just use some 3/8 ID hose?
  12. Thanks, @Creeps McLane, the baking soda and Epsom salt I can get at the store. My phosphoric acid I think is also supposed to lower the ph.
  13. I downloaded Bru'n Water today and have to go through the tutorials. Screwy Brewer is on another forum with me and told me his water profiles in ezRecipe will only support RO and distilled water right now but he hoped to have an expanded water profile written in 2019. I like his ezRecipe program, but going to try a year subscription to Beersmith 3 and see how that program does. At this point chemical wise besides my magic 5.2 stabilizer, I have Gypsum, Calcium Chloride, and Phosphoric acid. What others might I need? I still have a few weeks before the mini fridge will be available, so trying to put that time to good use on learning water quality.
  14. My first brew using Diablo HME. It's a partial mash with Maris Otter, Carapils, Crystal 40, and 1/2 cup honey. S-05 yeast.
  15. I use it both ways. If you have nothing plugged into the heat side just set a large heat variance so the annoying alarm won't go off. I do that for the summer months when nothing plugged into heat side. Winter, since my garage gets cold at night I use a fermentation heater wrap that keeps the temps within a degree of set point on heat side and 2 degrees on the cold side. Works great on my ss fermenter and keeps the whole fridge ambient 1 degree cooler, so I can have my ss fermenter at 65F and an LBK at 64F.
  16. Makes sense for them to do that.
  17. I certainly don't know about yeast culture, but the mention of Anchor Steam strikes a chord . One time a year or so ago, I bought a six pack of Anchor Steam Bock. Ah, it was delicious and I never have seen it again, anywhere. Hate it when that happens.
  18. Went by the store to get my Christmas dinner whole tenderloin, and while I was there I picked up 5 gallons of spring water, but not the store label which is cheaper than the Deer Park spring water, however Deer Park will furnish the water report by pdf. So since I'm trying to learn a bit more, I got the more expensive water and downloaded and printed out the 5 page report. I've not filled out a water profile yet on any of the brewing calculators, so I'll try and give it a go while my fermenter are tied up for the next couple weeks. The fermentation heater is able to keep the inside of the mini fridge within a degree or two of the ink bird setting for the fermenter it's taped to so I brewed and stuck an LBK in there yesterday and it's doing great. One fermenter w/heater is at 65 and the LBK at 64. No complaints from me on that!
  19. Look up the Tangerously Hoppy IPA recipe for that Long Play. Makes a very stand up beer. Oh, and welcome back!
  20. Lol, certainly meant as a badge of honor in beerspeak!
  21. Yeah, and it's time for me to take some learning steps.
  22. Ah, another magic doubter! What am I gonna do with you guys? If it's on the internet it must be true, right! Simple as adding the appropriate amount, and then repeating the 5 Star activating chant on the inside of the lid 3 times and then check your mash in 30 min baby and BOOM, 5.2! Ph Magic.
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