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  1. So the two batches I made turned out great, I made a few bottles without the extracts to test first. I used the Bavarian Weissbier to make the Watermelon Wheat Recipe. Followed all the steps minus the fruit, and added 0, 1, 2, or 3 drops of watermelon extract at bottling. I was using the plastic bottles, so I don't think I added enough of the extract to notice any watermelon taste, but still enjoyable. I also used the Canadian Blonde to make a Cream Ale. Extract wise, I used 2 drops for each 12oz bottle. Vanilla, Peanut Butter...and decided to try the Watermelon too. The Vanilla seemed to be everyone's favorite. Very sweet, but it was almost a smokey vanilla taste. The Peanut butter didn't taste like Peanut butter at all, to me it was similar to the vanilla with the smokey taste, but no peanut butter. The watermelon seemed to make it a little more tart. Maybe because I'm the one that made it, but the flavor extracts didn't wow me. It was almost like a 2nd wave of flavor you got after tasting the beer. Fun to try, but I'm probably done with the extracts. I plan on using real fruit the next time I brew the Watermelon Wheat.
  2. Not grape, but 4/27, I started a watermelon wheat and a cream ale. Instead of actual watermelon, I'm going with the extract when it's time to bottle and the cream ale, I have a vanilla and peanut butter extract that I'm going to try in a couple of the bottles. I'll be sure to let you know how it turns out.
  3. No, I haven't gotten a temp controller yet. the digital display on the fridge says 61....but the stick on thermometers i have on the LBK and inside the fridge are reading about 66.
  4. Had my first taste of my first homebrew last night. (Classic American Light) It's like everyone is saying, it was drinkable, but nothing wow. I didn't gag which is all i was shooting for. It had no head at all, but was well carbonated. I could tell it was suppose to taste like a bud or miller, but it did have a slight cider smell and taste to it which I'm guessing is due to letting it get a little to warm during fermentation. My 2nd batch (Octoberfest-Apple Brown Beery) was fermented the same way so I'm sure I'll have similar results. I'm hoping because I did use apple cider in that batch, that it will turn out a little better. Also wanted to add that I now have a fermenting fridge (4.4 cu ft) Started my 3rd batch (first with proper temp control) on April 3rd (Aztec Mexican Cerveza-Boysenberry Tart) and WOW!! the difference fermenting at a lower temperature. I had overflow several times during the first 2 days of fermentation. It has finally settled down and the fridge says 61 degrees, but I'm guessing the LBK is about 66 degrees. Thanks everyone again for their help and support!
  5. Yesterday was my first bottling day. Everything went smoothly I believe. Looking at at small sample before I started bottling, it seemed to have the color and smell of a Blue Moon. It had a flat beer/cider smell to it, and the taste at first reminded me of a Blue Moon, but it wasn't until I opened a Budweiser later that night that I changed my mind about what I thought it reminded me of. Looks like the 27th I will start putting them in the fridge. I plan to start my 2nd Batch (Octoberfest)probably next week. Too much going on yesterday so I will wait until my next day off to start my 2nd brew.
  6. That looks great! I do believe my wife will be a little upset if my house stock became that large. As of now, the goal is to get to where I do not have to buy commercial beer anymore. I still need to get a beer fridge before I start on my stock pile. When i got the Mr.Beer LBK, I also got a 5gal kit from Widwest Supplies. After checking everything out, i decided its best to leave this kit alone until i get the hang of things. (That kit came with a few more toys lolz)
  7. I have started thinking about down the road after I bottle this 1st brew. I will most likely be using the 2gal LBK for my first few brews before moving on to a 5gal system. But my question has to do with the number of bottles you typically keep on hand (Obviously, you can never have to much beer). .But sticking with the three week rotation, it looks like I will be starting my 4th batch before I will be able to start re using bottles?? 2/13- 1st Ferment 3/6 - 1st Bottle, 2nd Ferment 3/27- 1st Condition, 2nd Bottle, 3rd Ferment 4/17- 24-12oz bottles ready to drink, 2nd Condition, 3rd Bottle, 4th Ferment and by the time 5/8 rolls around, I am sure I will have finished 24 bottles So it looks like at least 72?- 12oz bottles are needed How long do you typically wait before starting another brew?
  8. Yesterday was the end of my first week of fermentation. I do not have a hydrometer yet, that will be on the list of things i need get. But my question is, Should I take a sample each week to taste and look how things are going?
  9. Hey gents, just wanted to introduce myself and share what I have experienced so far. My name is Jesse and I received my Mr.Beer Kit from Santa this past Christmas. - I knew we were going to be moving at the end of January, beginning of February so I did not want to start right away. I Started my first batch ( Classic American Light) February 13. - I am sure I am not the first, but even after reading, re-reading, and reading instructions again, I felt like I was messing up every step along the way. - The spigot, I do believe has given me the most problems, I had to retest it for leaks 3 different times because I just couldn't seem to get it tight enough. - Not sure if it matters, but I feel like I let my wort sit for too long before adding it to my LBK. It looked like it was starting to clump up, but spread back out after mixing it again. - I do think I messed up by not having refrigerated water to top off the LBK. I just used the cold water out of the faucet. - After adding everything and screwing on the lid, the stick on thermometer it came with took a few hours to turn into a check mark. I bought a 2nd thermometer to set in the box with the LBK which has been right at 70 the whole time. - 2 days later, my spigot seems to be properly holding, temperature is holding at 70, but for some reason I still feel like I've done something wrong. Probably just Newbie Jitters. I'll be sure to keep everyone updated, it looks like March 6 is my bottling date. Please share any suggestions
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