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  1. I bought the porter & Diablo ipa separately so booster came with porter. I won't use. Great Thanks !!
  2. Rick, I recieved 2 booster packs with my porter (HME) to make the Gila. Should I use them, Both? I planning to brew this weekend. Also thanks for tip of Cold crashing, Should I ferment for full 21 days then crash? Thanks Darren 🍺
  3. Rick, If I use the whole pack, Is there anything that could go wrong? If using 1/2 is the correct amount, I don't mind tossing out the rest. I really want to nail this batch. I'm looking forward to a Great Black IPA!! Thx Darren 🍺
  4. Thank you Rick for quick response. I have another question. In the details of Gila monster it says to us US-05 yeast instead of what comes with brewing extract. Sould I go with US-05 Whole pack? Thanks Darren🍺
  5. I'm new to brewing beer. I'm on my 3rd try with Mr. Beer. I got the Diablo IPA for Xmas. I want to make the GILA Monster Black IPA. I have the Instruction, the question I have is.... Do I leave the hop sack in the fermenter and or how long. Lagunitas NightTime black IPA was one of my Favorite beers!!! Thx Darren🍺
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