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  1. Thank you guys for the heads up about laying them on their sides. Was not aware of that... rookie mistake. As for the wine cooler, it is a necessary evil. When I bottled this past weekend it was over 90 in my apartment.
  2. So it has been five weeks and I finally bottled. Sampled it yesterday and was surprised that I had no green apple taste and I’m on the right track. Here’s a few picks... The Coleman cooler has been my wingman during this process.
  3. Hello Everyone! So I’m 5 weeks into brewing. I let my Bewitched Amber Ale forment for longer than what was called for after reading some posts on the board and now my plan is to bottle tonight and am looking for any tips and tricks I may not have seen on the forum particularly when it comes to storing and temps while the brew conditions in the bottles. Thank you all in advanced!
  4. It’s the bucket style. If I choose to go that root I’ll update on how it works out and share my experiences.
  5. Lol. It’s all good. I do have a cooler setup but the other fermenter is way to big and was wondering if anyone had any success. Also it gets very humid in my place... I need 2 acs just to cool the living room in the summer time so I’m looking to make life a little easier for the brew.
  6. The reason I was thinking of a beverage cooler was because I also have a 2 gallon priemum kit that stands upright nd won’t fit in a cooler.
  7. Perfect. I used US-05 yeast in Coleman Belted Stainless cooler with frozen water bottles and have been able to maintain it 64.
  8. What are you thoughts on a beverage cooler that gives you the ability to control the temps easier?
  9. After doing some research I ordered a cooler to ferment in as well. For a second I thought something was wrong with my lbk.
  10. Thats hilarious but eases my concern. I got worried for a second the something was wrong with my lbk.
  11. Question... I’m 2 days in and I was wondering.. are you supposed to be able to smell it while it’s fermenting?
  12. Question. I am starting a second brew this weekend. I ordered hops to add but it says to add it in using a satchett. I don’t have one and I can’t find one on this sight or amazon. What alternatives do you guys suggest? Or can I just add it without the satchett?
  13. I don’t give up easy. That would be a waste of money and a lot of beer I would never get to drink!
  14. That is interesting. I would rather use the proper instructions. Thanks for the heads up.
  15. So I am definitely considering this the start of my first attempt and doing as advised as step 1. Thank you guys!!
  16. As a newbie I want to get it right. So i was wondering if anyone have any advise about temperature control. What about just putting it in a fridge? I know it's a dumb question but why not? Thank You in advanced!!
  17. Thank You! I would not have thought of that. i definitely want to do this properly and have that wow factor.
  18. Hello Everyone! Im making my first attempt as soon as the kit comes in today and am looking forward to it. I’m going to be brewing the Bewitched Amber Ale. Any tips, tricks and advise? Thanks in advanced. I’ll post updates as time goes on. Dunkin Dog
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