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  1. zorak1066 Thanks for the PAPER TOWEL idea.....Dan
  2. Rick, would using the freezer be a bad idea ?......Dan
  3. Need advice on long term storage of US- 05 yeast. Appreciate any help....Dan
  4. RickBeer ,and D Kristof, Thanks for the good advice.....Dan
  5. When is the best time to add the DME to my next OCTOBERFEST brew ? I sure don`t want to screw that up.......Dan
  6. Dale, The refractometer calculator is great, just plug your numbers in and it does the work. It gives FG instantly THANKS.....Dan
  7. Dale, Thanks for the info on the Refractometer, I will be all over it. The Refractometer seems perfect for small batch testing........Dan
  8. You all have made me feel more welcome than expected, THANKS for all the advice. I now have 3 pounds DME dark and a REFRACTOMETER on order. Looking forward to some tasty brews. Thanks for all the suggestions.....Dan
  9. edfbrian, I appreciate the WELLCOME.my taste buds have been put through the mill in my many years. The rations we ate in the 50`s were from WW2. from then on everything taste pretty good .Looking forward to the new brewing suggestions. Brian thanks for taking the time to give advice.....Dan
  10. Brian, that sounds delicious. The sugar idea came from MR BEER over twenty years ago. Sugar, is in my brewing instructions. The way` Barney Fife` got his panties in a wad , you would have thought I was a criminal. I never got a chance to use my MR BEER back then. .My work involved travel. We are now in our forever home. MR BEER is now out of the garage and at work.. When I tried to order a replacement TAP from MR BEER, they said it was too old and they replaced the LBK. no charge. Good people. Brian, you represent the Brewing hobby very well much better than some. Thanks for your help.....Dan
  11. Brian N. And jdub ,, Thanks for the info... I like what you said. Thanks for taking the time to educate me. I am looking forward to trying it.. Yes I do enjoy the brew as it is , except for it being a little on the HAPPY side....Thanks again......Dan
  12. Thanks for the heads-up. The sugar was handy so it went in. The taste is very good , but I would not drink more than one 16 ounce,bottle at a time. I will need to get some LME and Booster and I guess a HYDROMETER would be a good idea. Thanks again...Dan
  13. I guess I just wanted it to have its own identity. It sure did add some` Happy `to the Brew, maybe just a little too much.. Will cut it down 1/4 cup each Brew,.so I can have more than one at a time.....Dan
  14. Enjoying my first brew. The OCTOBERFEST, with 2 cups of sugar added. Followed the 3/4 program. Very happy with the results. My Doctor says if something tastes extra good, chances are it is not good for you. Unless he reads this post he will never know. Just started my second 2 gal. with only 1 1/2 cups of sugar. The first brew with 2 cups of sugar made me fell like a kid with his first bicycle., If you can give me an idea on ABV for OCTOBERFEST with 1 1/2 cups of sugar I would appreciate the input....Dan
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