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  1. That's great. Can't wait to try my first batch.
  2. I am new but have ideas. Have 2 porter batches fermenting. In one i want to try the smoked extract flavoring. Other batch want to try the coconut and the toasted marshmallow flavorings.
  3. Update. I got some sand paper and went around both holes in the 2 LBK's. I also did what jdub suggested with the spigot. Tested with water and did not have any leaking. Brewed both of the porter batches yesterday. One keg was leaking a little. But i retightened again. Thank you all for your help.
  4. That sounds good too. I will see how it goes after i sand them both down and do what jdub said. Better to clean and sanitize everything. Customer service said they would replace them.
  5. That's probably what i will do too.
  6. Thank you. I will try that.
  7. Sorry for not doing a search first. I was frustrated that i was unable to brew today so wanted to get some advice.
  8. Yes, gasket on outside. Only nut inside. I took the spigot assembly apart 4 times and tightened to the best of my ability.
  9. No. I filled it with water first to test for leaks.
  10. I was finally able to brew today but found out my LBK leaks at the spigot. I ordered 2 black Beer'd porter kits so have 2 LBK's. Both have the same problem. To me it looks like the seam where the two halves join is not flush. One half sticks out farther than the other. Thus. The washer is unable to seal. Any advice? Thank you.
  11. At my local store the only bottled water they have is distilled, purified. And drinking water. Planned on getting spring water. I bought the one saying drinking water. Will that be ok?
  12. I do have a big mouth bubbler and fermenting buckets. I can just try it in those and do the 5 gallons.
  13. Can i put 2.5 gallons in a LBK? Thanks.
  14. I am thinking of doing this. Get a can of Coopers HME. Any flavor. Add 3 pounds of DME to it. One can makes 5 or 6 gallons. Make it into a 4 gallon batch and split in into 2 LBK's. Will that work?
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