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  1. I have only brewed a few batches but so far the American Lager Delux is my favorite. Imagine that, something I'm already use to. 🙂
  2. I'm no expert I have only brewed five batches of beer so far but I use glass bottles and cap them and have not had any issues yet. Keep your fingers crossed!
  3. I like the extra carbonation my self so I use one carb drop that came with my recipe per 12 oz. bottle. Turns out just how I like it.
  4. Yeah I have only hand tightend mine and never had a problem.
  5. For me I like to go with a 3/5 timeline. I always try them at four weeks conditioning and they are good but most of the beers I have brewed seem to be a little better after five IMHO.
  6. Update... It's been about 5 1/2 weeks since I bottled this Diablo IPA and IMHO it has improved with another week and a half of conditioning. I love it and will definately be making this one again some time. The extra week made it just right for me!
  7. OK this is my 4th batch of brew and I think I'm getting pretty good at this. This is a standard American Lager and it turned out great! My neighbor who always taste my latest brew with me said I haven't made one yet he didn't like.
  8. So do you think I should just go ahead and refrigerate all of it?
  9. Thanks for the tip. It's pretty good not exactly what I was expecting but I plan to brew this one again some time.
  10. Just tasted the Diablo IPA that I brewed and conditioned for 4 weeks. Not bad, I'm interested in seeing what it taste like with a couple of more weeks of conditioning.
  11. Welcome to the hobby. I am going to brew the Oktoberfest next. I plan to start it August 1 so it should be ready just in time for the fall.
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