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  1. oh... man, do I feel stupid...of course it does! lol
  2. I'm not sure what one 'CAL' of DME (dry malt extract) is but I was planning on using 1 lb of light DME to augment the Mr Beer mix of Classic American light and try dry-hopping it near the end of the process, or even waiting till the bottling stage and dry-hopping with a hop tea. I'm not sure if I'd need to add any other adjunct than those two.
  3. Wow, did it turn out? Must have given that fact you are posting this. One thing, tho. What is CAL? 'One CAL HME;. I know what HME is...
  4. I would love to see the 'spread sheet' on that baby! R U sharing recipes, or will it cost me my life if I find out???? lol
  5. Now we're getting complicated! Spread sheets? That's what i'm about to do any minute now. It's past 9:30 here
  6. BTW, have any of you guys tried anything fancy with the MB Classic American Light? Seems this mix would be the ideal one to experiment with. Not only is it the most affordable mix (leaving $ left over for additives) but it'd probably be the less disastrous if I botch it since I'm not a fan of light beer.
  7. Well, multiple kegs might help, tho it might also make inventory control a nightmare. Just as soon as this first batch goes into bottles, I'm cleaning the kit and beginning batch #2, the American Porter this time. Then, when that goes to bottle I should be ready to taste test my 1st batch, give or take. Then, immediately I start batch #3. This one I will experiment with: the Classic American Light mix. I already have a 'plan' on how I'm gonna soup it up and make it better (I hope): DME, dry-hopping and a fancy trick at bottling that should either make (or break) it. I can't wait...
  8. Hardest part of learning to be a home brewer: learning to leave the fermenter alone. I find myself getting very impatient and want to start another batch right away. It's only been 5 days!
  9. Thanks Tim. A member of your staff (Josh) replied by email and had some very good advice for dry-hopping. I might add here that the 2 gallon capacity of the Mr Beer LBK is ideal, imo, for experimentation and I certainly do intend to do some of that! So far, I love your products and feel they are a great way to get my feet wet in the brewing hobby. Cheers!
  10. how come this came in so huge?!! lol
  11. LOL, I thought that was a Bulldog helmet. My apologies.
  12. Beer and College Football. You gotta luv it!
  13. Hmmm....ok, then that's what I'll do. I'll just do the best job I can and see how it turns out. Later, tho, in the future I do want to start doing some experimenting and this beer might be one to see if I can tweak. Perhaps I'm really not ready yet, having only made one batch so far. I thank you for your advice, Dawg. Say, you aren't a Georgia Bulldog, are ya? Go Dawgs. Go Ducks!!
  14. I kinda like the idea of adding brown sugar. Honey, not so much. I wouldn't want anything that tastes like a mead. I haven't yet acquired a taste for that...
  15. You'd be right, I just 'hatched' my first batch on Friday: MB's Octoberfest. I'm just gathering ideas before our next batch and what to do with the Classic American light. Neither my wife nor I care for beers like Miller or Bud light and that's what I'm hearing the Classic is. Ideally, I'd have some other mix, and hold off on experimenting with this one, but I'm anxious to start another 2 gallons, just as soon as I finish fementing the first one. I guess I'm willing to try about anything reasonable but I don't just want higher ABV. Flavor is just as important, maybe more so. Thanks for the tips.
  16. Hi fellow brewers. I'm looking for ways o boost the ABV on my mix of Mr Beer Classic American lager, without sacrificing flavor and mouth-feel. I will be starting a batch in about 2 weeks, just as soon as my mix in the LBK is finished fermenting and goes to bottle. Any ideas? I do have some fresh hop pellets, but I know this is not going to do it. Thanks!
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