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  1. I would like to put a portion of my batch of Oktoberfest in a 5L mini keg (picture attached) I ordered from Amazon for use in a tabletop mini kegerator (SPT BD-0538). I am wondering if I scale bag the carbonation drops when I am conditioning as well as any other need to know tips. I have only ever conditioned in the bottles that came with my Mr. Beer kit. I did purchase additional rubber bungs. Following questions on Amazon is hopeless and there is a bunch of conflicting information. Any professional help is much appreciated!
  2. I have a Mini-Keginator 5L that I would really like to use a partial batch of Mr. Beer in it. Is there anything I need to know or anything special I need to do prior to attempting this? I have only ever used Heiniken pre-filled kegs in it.
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