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  1. I've heard that the yeast that comes with the kits( not needed) can be boiled and used for nutrients. But I'm curious if this will change the flavor.
  2. I've always dry pitched my yeast but I'm curious of the the benefits of rehydrating the yeast (if any) I'm currently making the chromosome recipe and want to try it now, will it make a sufficient difference?
  3. I'd like to dry hop my brew for the last 72 hours but also cold crash at the same time. Will this effect the aroma? Or should I dry hop for 72 hrs then cold crash. Thanks in advance
  4. So, I've got a Belgian blanc kit that I don't care for. I'd like to make an ipa(flavor) with that extract any ideas on hops to add and when? I'm not worried about Abv I just would like a nice combo of citus/bitter hop flavor. I currently have some warrior hops, centennial and the hallertau that came with the kit. Thanks in advance for the advice. I'm new :)..
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