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  1. Reading around the net today, I think I didn't cool the wort enough before pitching the yeast. i.e. I don't think I had enough yeast before fermenting or carbonating: beer tastes a little like green apples and goes flat quickly.
  2. Thanks for the tips. 1) I only took out 3 bottles from the storage room to taste after 2 weeks - they went straight to the frig for 12 hours before pouring. 2) By nice head I mean I poured down the side of a frozen pilsner glass at a 45 degree angle and only lifted at the end - there was about 1/2 inch head and bubbles on the side. By flat I mean no bubbles on the side of the glass after I drank some of it (5 minutes). Don't get me wrong, I like the taste so far, but I was wondering if my home brewing can keep carbonation longer: did I really not give it enough time, did I run out of sugar using the carb-drops, did I ferment to hot or carbonate too hot? Again, thanks for the temp & time tips. I'll try those on my next batch.
  3. When I opened my first ever bottles of Mr Beer, they went flat in 5 minutes; nice head to start. I fermented the Oktoberfest Kit for 3 weeks, carbonated 0.5 L bottles with 1 carbo-drop per bottle for 2 weeks. Room temp was kept 69/70 degrees F the whole 5 weeks. Is that normal? Can I keep the bubbles longer? Thanks....
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