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  1. Hello Mr. Beer Community. At Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp event last year, I had a great conversation with a random elderly man as we both enjoyed our beers, living like kings enjoying endless beer. He told me “if you can boil water, you can make beer!” I never took that comment seriously, but now I find myself currently brewing my first ever beer. I got the Mr. Beer kit as a gift from my fiancé. I am new to brewing, but not new to beer 🤓 I have followed the brew kits directions to a T. My beer has about 10 days left till bottling/conditioning time. I am fortunate to live in Southern California, surrounded by local breweries and tasting rooms, and I have a collection of growlers from these breweries. Some are the flip top variety, some are screw cap, all are 64 oz. glass. When my beer is finished I plan to give the filled growlers to my beer buddies. My question is, can I bottle/condition in these containers? I plan on brewing mostly IPA’s, sours, goses, stouts. I’d like to avoid buying plastic bottles, conditioning them all individually and then filling growlers if I could avoid the extra step and expense. Thanks for reading. BrewDog
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