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  1. So of course that begs the questions: why the change and how does it affect the beer?
  2. I'm noticing a lot of refills and recipes are saying to ferment for 14 days and bottle for 14 days. It had been 21 and 21 on previous recipes. Has something changed?
  3. I really screwed up this batch and I’m hoping I can save it. Brewing Crater Stout. When I started brewing a few weeks ago I realized I was out of sanitizer (not sure why it didn’t come with the recipe). I went to my local brew supply store and got some Star San. If you’ve ever used it, you know it foams. No biggie for the LBK because there was room in the keg even with the foam. But it was a different story for bottling. The foam took up a lot of room and so I couldn’t fill my bottles (plastics) to where I normally would and didn’t have non foaming water to rinse. To make matters worse I got distracted and ended up forgetting to put carbonation tablets in half of my bottles and didn’t realize it until I had boxed them up. I was probably too focused on the foam. It’s been two days and the foam settled leaving me with several half full bottles, half of which have no carb tabs. Any thoughts on saving even part of this batch? Is it worth trying to combine them? I figure I can add tabs to any bottles that aren’t carbonating after a couple of days but most of them are pretty far below the proper fill amount anyway. So frustrated because this was my first foray into recipes.
  4. Following up on this post from a few weeks ago because I cracked open my first bottle from this questionable batch, and I’m happy to report that the beer (America. porter deluxe) was fantastic. The mold had been contained to the outside rim of the keg and didn’t affect the flavor.
  5. Yikes, I’ll consider myself fully warned!
  6. Thanks all! I’ve had a few challenges with this batch, including spilling while pouring into the container. Glad to hear this latest adventure shouldn’t make a difference.
  7. What is the affect on the beer if the LBK gets shaken? I was moving the cooler with the LBK to another room (Thanksgiving prep) when my 70 pound clumsy mutt smacked into me. I didn’t drop the cooler, but I’m quite sure the contents got sloshed around quite a bit. It’s in the first few days of fermenting.
  8. Mic Todd i don’t recall getting distracted but I can’t guarantee I didn’t. I know I was struggling with the wet spoon (from sanitizing). Fingers crossed.
  9. Thanks. The bottles are in a box in a pretty warm part of the house (68-72 daily) the other bottles have firmed up, but this one did not. I wasn’t sure if I could open it to add more drops or if that would risk contamination
  10. I recently bottled a batch of porter from my LBK. I had run out of carbonation drops so I used sugar as directed. The bottles have been sitting for about two and a half weeks. I checked them last night and one of them was not firm at all. I could easily squeeze the bottle. From what I read, that means it’s not carbonating. Can I do anything to save my bottle?
  11. I have seen a few posts saying to use two packets of yeast. What does the extra yeast do to the end product?
  12. Pretty sure it was mold. I had to scrub to get it off the threads
  13. Hi, I bottled my third batch today, a porter with LME. It tasted ok and smelled ok, but while cleaning the LBK I found a small amount of mold on the threads of the LBK lid and the unit itself. It was very small, about the size of a sharpened pencil, and it didn’t appear to be on the inside. Do you think my beer will be okay?
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