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  1. I tried my first bottle last night after chilling it for threes days. I know it was a few days early but I figured what the heck. I poured it into a glass slowly. There was no foam and I thought it was too early. I tasted it and it tasted pretty decent especially for a light beer. It had an amber color that looked similar to Sam Adams. It did seem carbonated perhaps a bit light on the carbonation so I will wait and try another bottle after I get back from my trip to the mountains. Overall I'm pretty pleased with my first batch.
  2. The thing that I like about MR. Beer is that it doesn't take up much space. I don't have a lot of space to dedicate to equipment. It also looks like you can goe a little more advanced that just the recipe packs if you choose which I'll probably do later after I get the hang of the easier methods.
  3. Thanks Shrike. I'll be glad when 4 weeks goes by and I can see how well I did...lol
  4. I understand that but is it anything to worry about if when i filled the bottles not using a wand that there was no foaming what so ever? I'm using the large PET bottles that came with he kit.
  5. The other day i bottled my first batch. I had cold crashed it in the fridge after three weeks in the LBK. I got everything ready (sanitized the bottles, etc.). I noticed when bottling I didn't get any foaming...not sure if that is good or bad. I was able to bottle 10 bottles. I didn't try the 11th as it would have mostly been the trub. I preloaded the bottles with two carb drops each before filling (this are the larger PET bottles that came with the kit). I looked at the bottles today and noticed they are real clear when I shine my light through them. Thre are a few with some sediment...which seems logical since they were the last few to be filled. Does everything sound normal? other than bulging bottles is there anything I need to look for while they carbonate/ condition?
  6. That makes me feel better about my batch. After I bottle i had a beige/ tan colored trub at the bottom. no film on the top and a flat beer taste. it actually smelled pretty decent.
  7. My tap water makes my coffee taste weird. I bought a Pur water filter to use for my coffee. When I did my beer I just bought some gallon jugs of spring water. They are easier to put in my fridge ten trying to find pitchers to put filtered water in to chill.
  8. Bottled my batch today. I put the fermenter in the fridge three days ago. I came out with ten of the 25 oz bottles which should be around 2 gals. I forgot about getting unscented dish soap to clean the fermenter with after bottling. All walmart had was the 7th generation dishwasher pods so i grabbed those. I put one in the fermenter and filled it with warm water..im gonna let it soak for a bith then risnse it out real good. I'm going to order some something more appropriate to clean the fermenter. My house is right about 68 degrees so I should be okay storing the bottles for the next 4 weeks.
  9. Thanks for the replies. I'll keep all that in mind. I knew that store bought beer doesn't usually age well (aside from the Sam Adams Triple Bock I tried many years ago). I jst wasn't sure on home brew.
  10. After bottling what is the longest you have let the bottles sit? After the 4 week wait time does it continue to condition and if so when does it peak? I'm just curious.
  11. Thanks...do you think the three weeks will be enough or maybe wait an extra week?
  12. I still have the fermenter in the cooler with an ice pack. I have a little bit of foam going on in there so it looks like it is going...I'll just keep checking and make sure I keep the temp cool and steady. This is the light beer recipe so I don't know how that may have an effect on how much action goes on.
  13. Well I checked it when i got home...it looks like there are some light colored globs in there...not sure quite how to describe it. it is hard to see through the keg.
  14. Sounds good'''I'll put it back in..I'll see about getting a digital probe
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