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  1. Thanks for the welcome and response. I will take your advice and brew a few vailable kits and read through the forum. I'm still hopeful of the prospect of keeping my favorite beer after I move out of its region.
  2. Hello, I'm brand new to brewing except for that one time 15 years ago I made one batch with an LBK. I've been looking at "pro" kits but I really want to keep things small, so the LBK is very attractive to me. I do have one question in mind for you experienced brewers: my all time favorite, to date, is Saint Arnold's Art Car IPA. Is it possible to clone this with an LBK or get something similar? I've been reading reviews on loose ingredients from suppliers such and it seems that high ABV, and citrusy flavor is just a matter of getting the correct ingredients together. Also, should I consider installing an air lock onto the lbk or getting a 2nd lbk to ferment separately?
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