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  1. It was the ‘American Lager’ kit I think?
  2. After seven weeks, my first taste. I love the color it turned out. The taste is ‘ok’ not as carbonated as I expected/hoped. Although this first bottle was a partial bottle since the batch didn’t come out exactly even. I noticed there was some undissolved goop in the bottom that was the same color as the carbonation drops. So the other bottles may turn out even better. All in all, I figure a pretty decent outcome for my first try. Cheers!
  3. Just finished bottling my first batch. I was skeptical that the beer was going to actually brew over the past three weeks, not sure why I didn’t have confidence but once I started bottling I was greeted with the most delicious bread like aroma, unmistakably beer (just flat of course). Had a little taste and was very good. You could also smell the alcohol so I guess the process worked. The bottling wand I bought proved useless. It fit nice but would barely flow. Yes I vented the top of the LBK, but even then. Ended up using a funnel and it worked fine. Had enough brew for 8 and a half bottles. Can’t wait to try it. Interesting thing about the turb. You may recall my earlier post where my spigot was leaking and so would the wide mouth if I stood it on end. So I found an angle for the LBK where the solution wouldn’t rest against the spigot or lid. That’s how it brewed for three weeks. An artifact of this is that the turb accumulated in the back corner of the LBK away from the spigot. Because I didn’t have space in the refrigerator and garage is freezing cold, I had no convenient way to cold crash the brew. I decided since the turb was all down in the bottom back corner I would be ok. No problems bottling but I expect the beer will be cloudy/wheat like but that’s ok for this first batch. Next post will be taste testing the final product.
  4. Thanks. That helps. Yep looking closely I think there is a slight ridge to the seam so I suspect it’s the interface and not the spigot leaking itself. They should really take care of that ridge in the manufacturing process. I’ll have to wait for this batch to finish before disassembling and sanding. Thanks.
  5. Mixed up my first batch using the Mr. Beer kit fermentor and checked it this morning to discover this (see first photo). Spigot is leaking. I turned it from the outside twice to try and tighten it up but didn’t help. I tried remedying the situation by gently standing the fermenter on its end but then the brew leaked out around the lid. Finally I found a small range of angle where the brew was neither against the spigot or the lid (see photo). Guess I have to leave it like this for 3 weeks. My question is can anyone think of another solution and will my beer still turn out? I probably lost two cups of solution from the bottom overnight.
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