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  1. Wow, duh. Didn't intend to do that. Okay, I'll remove the frozen ice bottles and warm up the keg. Considering it's been fermenting for two weeks at too low a temperature how long should I allow it to ferment at a the higher 60's temp? Thank you.
  2. Hello gentleman (women) am I being politically correct????? I would appreciate some advice. I've had the Mr. Beer American Lager fermenting for about two weeks. I've got the LBK inside a plastic bin surrounded by frozen water bottles. It took me a while to get the temperature reading right but the temp inside the plastic bin was about 42 degrees. I think that lager is supposed to ferment at 45 - 55. I've since got the temp up to about 50 degrees. With the 42 degree temperature have I compromised by brew in any way? Thank you.
  3. Hi again, everyone. Please, could anyone tell me how much of dry corn sugar to use instead of booster? I understand the one pack of booster is not the same as the older recipes that had two packs of booster. Thank you.
  4. All the info is very good. Thank you very much. TJ
  5. I understand, Shrike. I am a little confused about ABV in standard HME. One says 3.1%, another says 4.5%.....not sure which one is correct or are the percentages different for different styles? Thank you. TJ
  6. Thanks Rick. I bought a second LBK on eBay - supposed to be new - looks good. I'm going to use it to brew the Mexican Cerveza. I will stick to the recipe this time. Thanks again. TJ
  7. Thank you, Rick. I have taken all this advice to heart and will make good effort to brew a good, balanced beer. Do I know how to do that? No, but if I aim at nothing I'll hit it every time. LOL So again, thank you. TJ
  8. 3.1 ABV is a bit low for me. Thank you for that info.
  9. I'm really excited about home brewing. Good thing I'm fairly patient, because I'll wait the full term before bottling or drinking.
  10. Thank you so much for the input. I actually was not trying to get to 8% alcohol level. I thought I might get it to 5.5 or 6. Oh well, as long as it doesn't explode I'll try to live with it. I agree....more research would definitely improve my mission. Thanks again!!! TJ
  11. Hi everybody. New here and new to home brewing. I just bought a Mr. Beer and have started an American Lager as it came with the keg. I talked to my lhbs and asked them about increasing ABV - and they suggested adding a pound of sugar. I had also read about adding LME to the wort. So I did both - I added about 8 ounces of Pale LME and about a pound of table sugar (didn't have any corn sugar). I am basically just asking is what kind of consequences can I expect from the additions? Flavor, exploding bottles? Gee, I hope not. Thank you very much in advance. TJ
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