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  1. You're right Nik. Very good read. Unfortunately I'm a long way from getting in to this stuff. Still way too new at it! Lol
  2. I'm on the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" band wagon. I've been doing the 3 weeks fermentation/4 week carbonation, 3 days cold crash. My beer has been turning out very good. I would be afraid to change my process now.
  3. Great weekend! I was very proud that I have been able to create some really good beer. We went camping this weekend and I brought 3 of my brews along to enjoy while relaxing at the river. My brother in law asked if he could try one. Of course he could! After a bottle of Octoberfest and a bottle of American light, he decided that these were the best beers he'd ever tried! He asked if I would brew him a case! That made my whole weekend! It's great when you brew a batch that turns out really good. But then when someone asks you to make some for them, that really makes you feel good!

  4. I hear you Rick. Can't beat your experience! Lol
  5. I looked on the Mr Beer site and could only find one that had a lime flavor. A mexican type of beer. Might give that a try as well.
  6. I still have a couple more weeks before my American Light is ready to drink. I'll definitely give the squirt of lime juice or squeeze of lime a try and see how she likes it. This is really good news to me since I wouldn't want to brew a batch of something nasty to everyone but maybe her. My goal is to brew beers that I, my family and friends can all enjoy.
  7. I'm wondering if anyone can advise me on how to add flavors to the beer? My wife really likes Bud Light Lime. I wouldn't mind trying to add lime flavor to the American Light, but not sure how. And would anyone know if this would be similar to Bud Light Lime?
  8. I used bottled water for American Light and tap water for Octoberfest
  9. Years ago, the city I live in ran a test of our water. At the same time, several different bottled waters were also tested. The results were that our city water was much cleaner than any of the bottled waters. Less impurities, chemicals, etc. I'm not sure how much I believe this study, however, I'm not sure how much I believe the labels on bottled water either. So being totally confused about the whole thing, I made my first batch with bottled water and my second with our tap water. It makes good coffee and tastes really good to drink. I wasn't really worried about the taste as much as not knowing if there was anything in the tap water that might effect the beer. So, I figured the best way to find out was to give both a try. Will know the results in a month or so.
  10. If this is the worst thing you do, you're going to be OK. Hang in there.
  11. I just received another LBK to start my pipeline. Am Light in bottles right now. Going to mix up And Lager tomorrow and Octoberfest in a week or two.
  12. Congratulations! Hope the rest of the bottles turn out really good!
  13. Good luck Cato. Hopefully turn out some really good brew!
  14. Tonight was the big night. Bottled my first attempt. Gonna be a long 4 weeks! Fingers and eyes crossed!
  15. Thanks man! This forum is awesome! There are a lot of people here with a lot of great advice. I'm learning a lot and have a lot more to learn. I'm on this forum quite a bit, and always find a lot of interesting posts. Really fun to read! And thanks for the classic photo! Really cool!
  16. Taste tested my first batch. Pretty good. My wife tried it as well and also thought it was really good. The LBK is resting comfortably in the fridge and will be bottled Sunday. Gonna be a long 4 weeks waiting for carbonation.
  17. It's really been quite interesting so far. I never knew how to brew beer. It has been a blast to learn how it's done!
  18. Sounds like you and I are exactly the same in our thinking. I want this to be fun. The LBK is just the right size for trying different types of beer. I'm still brand new at this too. I'm still waiting for my very first batch to firment. (Five more days! Yay!) If it were to turn out bad, I'm not losing a 55 gallon drum or anything. I still have way too much to learn before trying bigger amounts.
  19. You mean sugar? I don't want soda pop fizz either.
  20. Oh wow! This is interesting! The Mr Beer drops overcarb? The directions call for 2 drops in the 740 ml PET bottles. Would anyone recommend 1? Or could you cut 1 in half and use 1 1/2 in each bottle? I'm guessing that the drops aren't sugar?
  21. Wow kedogn! I don't know if I'd ever get that far! Well, maybe. Lol. That's awesome though!
  22. This will quite likely become a new obsession. Lol. Especially if this first batch turns out pretty good. I didn't have a whole lot of expectations, but then, what the heck? If I did everything right (I followed the instructions to the letter), there is a good chance this could be the best beer I've ever had! Why not? I'm a pretty patient guy so the 3 - 4 weeks won't be much of a problem. Especially if means the difference between success or failure. My problem is more likely going to be trying to do too much too quickly and wanting to do things I'm just not ready to do yet. Baby steps.
  23. I followed the instructions to the letter. Was extremely careful about sterilization. Fingers and eyes crossed!
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