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  1. Thanks Squirley! Just checking. I believe I have the keg in a good spot in the basement for temperature. Around 65 - 68 degrees. I'm so new to this, I have no idea what to expect. Patience for education as well as brewing it seems.
  2. Hope this isn't too dumb of a question, but I mixed a batch of American Light on Wednesday. Today on Saturday (3 days) I noticed that the keg has stopped foaming. The beer is still very cloudy and I realize that it still has nearly 3 weeks to go. The question is, is this normal? Should it have stopped foaming after only 3 days? Just wondering if something is wrong.
  3. First attempt at making beer. I've always wanted to try this. My son gave me a Mr Beer kit for Christmas. I'll be trying it in a day or two.

    1. Don H

      Don H

      The Rethink Homebrew. It came with American Light and American Lager. I have mixed up the American Light and it is working now. I started with this because I'm not really a fan of light beer, so if I did anything wrong, I don't feel so bad. Lol. I followed the instructions to the letter being extremely careful about cleanliness and sterilization.. I realize that it takes very little to ruin the batch. Thanks for the welcome! Look forward to meeting a lot of cool folks and learning all I can from those with experience!

    2. Nickfixit


      Great! Make sure you leave it in the LBK for 3 weeks and let it bottle carbonate for 4 weeks (minimum) and settle in the fridge for 3 days before drinking.

    3. Don H

      Don H

      Absolutely! However, waiting is the worst! Lol. 

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