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  1. Some really great info and advice everyone! Going to begin cooking in a few hours. Thank you all so much. This community is great, Im learning more and more everyday!
  2. Just some more complexity and character I suppose. I got the idea from that Horses Ass Ale recipie someone posted earlier in this thread.
  3. So just to adjust my recipie, I should probably bring to boil after steeping the malts and then boil the hops, then flame off, then mix in the wort? Or just better off wort and hops together in hot (not boiling) water? Or my choice?
  4. Thanks! As far as the hops go, this is my first go at it, should I be putting them in the sack as I did with the malt? Or is it something that disolves or makes no difference if it sits in the fermenter when I put the wort in?
  5. Hello folks! So I just finished brewing my Oktoberfest using the cookie cutter instructions that came with the starter kit. The other can of extract that came with the kit is Classic American Light, and since that sounds boring and tasteless, I went ahead and bought 4oz of Caramel Malt already milled up, and 1 oz of cascade hops, and a couple sacks from my local homebrew store so I can put more of a personalization on it and hope to give it more taste. Maybe even add some honey? Expecting a foot of snow over here in the northeast so what better time than now to start cooking. I was hoping you guys can check my work. I believe I should steep the malt for about a half hour in hot water before boil, add tablespoon of honey, bring to boil and remove sack of malt, remove from heat, add wort, mix, bring back to boil, add hops (with sack or without?) and cook longer for a few minutes (the longer the more bitter). This is all going from some of the reading ive done but just want to run it on here to make sure it sounds right or if I am missing any keys. Thanks everyone!
  6. Thanks for the responses everyone. So I was planning to use the carb drops that came with the Mr Beer kit. I have the 740ml plastic bottles that came with the kit. Instructions say for that size to use 2 drops. Should I disregard and go the sugar drop route?
  7. Thanks for the response. Can you give me more info on this? Or a link? So far Ive been doing everything off the instruction book from the kit. Also think I will cold crash before I leave and bottle when i get back! Thanks
  8. Hi all! My lovely girlfriend got me a Mr Beer kit for Christmas and I’m currently waiting for my Oktoberfest to finish fermenting! Day 12 is over and I have just over a week left before bottling (according to instructions). Unfortunately, I will be away on vacation the day I am supposed to bottle- so I was wondering if it would be OK to bottle the night before I leave, which would be Day 19 (of 21). Otherwise I wont be back until Day 23, however I was hoping to have the beer ready for Superbowl to showcase to friends, hence the rush to bottle early. What do you think? Thanks in advance. I havnt even tried my first beer yet but Ive already become obsessed with all the reading! Hope to be around for a long time!
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