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  1. If you watch youtube videos of the experienced brewers, most of them ferment between 10 and 14 days. I suspect that Mr Beer is just keeping up with the times rather than having a catch-all "3 week" fermentation period. I suppose they take their original and final gravity readings and they pretty well know when it's done. If in doubt, the advice I always got was to take a gravity reading for two days and if there is no change, the yeast is done.
  2. Yes they have re-written all (they say all) of their instructions. I believe there are still some that ferment for 3 weeks. Unknown if that's by design or if they just haven't gotten to those yet.
  3. We gotta change the system! Put it to the man! "Takin' it to the streets!" (MM of course) Why can't someone here @RickBeer, et al, see if the Administrator will appoint another Admin and/or Moderators?
  4. Well, ok. I don't have those yeasts, but I do have US04 and -05. What IF I used that instead? There's just something bugging me about brewing an Oktoberfest lager with ale yeast. Maybe it's ok, I don't know. Is it? And..... what do you think about heaving in that large bag of DME?
  5. I will soon be brewing MRB's Deluxe Oktoberfest - Oktoberfest Lager HME, Smooth LME, and MRB Ale Yeast with fermentation recommended at 70F - 72F. With it being a Lager, isn't it more desirable to ferment at 65F or lower? Wouldn't I be better using a yeast like US05 or US04? That's my main question, but I'm also considering lifting and heaving in an 8oz bag of Smooth DME on this one too. Maybe not. I'm open to suggestions and criticisms. But the yeast is eating at me, eh....bugging me. Thank you
  6. I guess I haven't used it before. I installed it and opened it. Everything is blank. I can't import anything. I do have another folder called qbrew database, but I can't access it from the program.
  7. I thought I had already downloaded Qbrew and used it for a small all-grain batch, but can't find it now on my computer. OK. Found it. Gracias (That's "thanks" in Farsi [a southeastern Zimbabwe language])
  8. Has anyone tried just taking a short can and using it one gallon of water? Would that be too malty and strong?
  9. I see now what I couldn't then - the can has the grain and hops, the yeast is included, you add water, and the 4 equal beer. Sometimes I can miss the most obvious things. I just always thought you had to have the can and the yeast, and then some booster, or LME, or something else. Now I see. (Wake up boy! Lest these fellows see that you are indeed a dumb ash!) I will never ask another dumb question again! (Unless I need the answer to one)
  10. Well, I was looking at the standard (shorter) cans and their ABV is about 3.5 or usually less than 4%. So then that's why if you get a craft refill recipe kit there's always booster or more LME or maybe even hops. It would be beer anyway, just a lower alcohol, less-bodied beer. (?) All of the taller cans have an ABV of 5% or more.
  11. Maybe this'll be too dumb of a question for this group. I mean, I think I know the answer. Could you just boil some water, toss in a can of HME, and pitch the yeast when the keg is topped off? For example, the can of Bewitched HME is rated at about 5.5%, so what would happen if you didn't add booster, or LME, or DME? Thank you
  12. I really didn't mean to cheat with Palmer's online version, in fact, it was on my list to buy. But I think I was researching something and clicked on a link that took me there. I had no idea it was so outdated. Well, I used a whole packet of US05. Maybe I'll have too much yeast, but the brewing is done. Now, if the yeast don't want to do their job, I can't stop them (-YB). I took copious notes of this detailed and highly complex recipe so I will know in a month or two if it worked. Of course, either way it turns out in the end, I may not know why. I broke the cardinal rule of reloading - make one and only one change at a time.
  13. @Nickfixit No Nick. Sorry. I was theorizing when I said 2 LME. AND...... it may have come with LME Golden and I misspoke ( I love that term 😎) No, I brewed it with one can Bewitched, one (Golden?) LME, 8 oz of Smooth DME, and US05 yeast.
  14. I forgot to take my original gravity reading!!!!!
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