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  1. I am very disappointed with Mr. Beer’s equipment and customer service. I purchased a Mr. Beer kit and the keg had a defective front seam that did not allow the spigot to fit properly, so it leaked. I contacted Mr. Beer’s customer service department about the problem. The person I spoke to said I could DIY sand the keg and it may work. I finally convinced him to send me a new keg. The new keg arrived in about a week. When this keg was manufactured the hole was not cleanly bored out. Therefore, the portion that was bored out was still attached, to the inside, and would not allow the spigot to be attached. I called their phone number several times and was disconnected every time. So I sent them an email about the problem. Tim Falk, customer service manager, contacted me and said “I'll be testing the next replacement personally and adding in a few beers on us to make up for the trouble. Thank you so much for your patience. I'll have more info for you in the middle of next week.” I waited a couple of weeks and did not hear from Tim, nor did I receive the items he promised. I sent him another email. His response was “I'll check with the warehouse today, thanks for bringing this back up on my radar. “ Now it has been over a week I have heard nothing back from him, nor received anything he promised. It has been months now since I purchased the Mr. Beer kit and there is no beer in sight. Prior to their defective products and poor customer service I had planned on purchasing and having three kits going at the same time. I was enthused about making different kinds of beers and ciders. It is apparent to me that this company does not care about the quality of the products they are selling. It is also apparent they will tell the customer anything at the time without having any intension of making good on their promises. I wonder how far up the management ladder this lack of concern goes. I also wonder if this is a viable company working from this business model. I will be discussing Mr. Beer’s lack of performance on other forums to see if anyone knows of a good beer kit and has some similar experiences with this company. A discussion on this topic may get the company to change their business model on the quality of their products and their customer service.
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