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  1. Appreciate all the replies y'all, looks like I was worried about nothing. Good to know, I can stock up. Usually my lack of patience gets me and they barely make it past the bottle conditioning stage. Now I'm excited to see if they taste much different than it did when I left
  2. What even is that crazy stuff? looks like Kombucha
  3. Whats up fellas, I just recently got back from a three month trip, and was wondering if I should check my old homebrews somehow? or just give one a try and see what happens. I bottled the whispering wheat hefe first week of Jan, and the Tangerously hoppy IPA probably first week of march I think. I just got home yesterday, so at least they should be rather conditioned at this point I'd think, or maybe poisonous who knows?! But I'm still rather new to this whole thing and would rather not mess up my stomach. Thanks in advance
  4. It doesnt seem like anyone has anything bad to say about it so far, which is exciting. My hefe just finished carbonation, I'm gonna throw one in the fridge to see how it turned out so far and let the rest sit a bit longer. the IPA's bottled now, time to play the waiting game.
  5. Just bottled today, appreciate the help once again. I need to look more into cold crashing, my setup is fairly low key in comparison to some of the stuff I've seen on here so far. this round I bottled 11 days after throwing in the tangerines, a quick taste test didn't seem bad, I thought it would be a tad more bitter though even uncarbonated. Hopefully I can be prepped enough to give that a shot next round.
  6. Go figure my last fermentation round was in a cooler as well! I was looking at a post about the IPA I was working on, and saw most of those guys using mini fridges. I got some inspriration from that and used a small cooler pack to kind of adjust temp for mine. I definitely need a better way to read/regulate temp, as this round was pretty full of guess work. Havent decided on what to try next, there's so many options!
  7. Awesome, thats good to know. I'll make sure to keep it clean, is there anything I should be looking out for when letting it ferment a bit longer than three weeks?
  8. Appreciate it fellas, I'll check it out
  9. Hows it going everyone, Found my way to this forum yesterday and figured I should join. I got the LBK brew kit as a wedding gift last summer, and have been having a pretty good time with it so far. To date I have done the Mr. Churchill's nut brown ale, Oktoberfest, Whispering wheat Hefeweizen, and am now working on the Tangerously Hoppy IPA. I'm enjoying getting into brewing, and the guys at work have had fun being my test subjects since I started. Outside of switching away from the plastic bottles to glass, I haven't really amassed any extra equipment yet. If there's anything neat you guys use to brew and would recommend that would be cool to see.
  10. Hey fellas, I know this threads a bit older, but the question I have specifically pertains to this beer so I was hoping one of you guys would be able to give me some advice. I started out the Tangerously hoppy IPA about two weeks ago, and unfortunately had to leave town for a funeral before I could do the second portion of adding the tangerine Juices, rind & final hops. I got back into town yesterday, which was exactly two weeks from starting fermentation, is it too late to add the later ingredients? I'm wondering if this batch is salvageable, should I just let it be as is, or get a new batch and restart? Thanks in advance
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