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  1. Well here is what the manufacturer of my kettle sent me. Hello Thank you for you inquiry. I would recommend cleaning the unit before using but it is stainless steel and not porous, which means you do not need to seal anything. Cleaning and sanitizing is always a good idea for your brewing process. Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns. Thank you
  2. Thanks for the help and links. I decided to email the manufacturer of my kettle to see what they recommend and go from there. If nothing else i have the tsp and the star san will be here Wednesday.
  3. So i read the link Fire Rooster put up and it said to use bar keepers friend instead of star san. Is it a good alternative and if not is there something else i can use thats easy to find in stores?
  4. Thanks everyone for the great advice. This community is great and so much help.
  5. Do i need to do anything special to my new brew kettle before its first use? Its stainless steel if that matters. Thank you in advance.
  6. Thanks RickBeer. I thoght it would be ok but wanted to find out for sure if there would be enough room in each. I will be making the 5 gal in my new brew kettle then giving it a ice and water cool down to the proper temp. I wont be doing it right now as i want to brew a few more small batches to make sure im doing everything right first.
  7. I am new to brewing and was just wondering if its possible to do a 5 gal kit and split it between 2 LBKs. I was curious if i could do it until i had a chance to buy bigger equipment.
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